I am blessed to be a spiritual channel for the beautiful Archangels. I work with people in all stages of life to help them heal their bodies, emotions and personal connections to others. But you know the saying, healer heal yourself. One night I found myself feeling very sad about some of the changes that were occurring within my life.

I had been experiencing some sadness over changes that come with aging and having your children grow up into independent adults. I was happy they were independent but sad they no longer were with me so I could hold them. Take care of them. Make sure they were okay. Things we believe we can do when our children are younger and live with us.

I understood adult children leaving home and finding a life of their own is a normal path of development. One to be happy about. But this night was right before Thanksgiving. Memories of years gone by were playing out in my head and my emotions. Experiences we shared while they were growing up.  Being a Mom I was also having troubling thoughts about how well they were doing. What their life was like compared to the dreams I had for them.

 That night when I went to bed, I prayed for a healing dream. I prayed,” Mother, Father, God, Creator of all there is, I respectfully request a healing dream to help me release my fears and anxiety and restore my thoughts to the understanding that all is as it should be and I am aligning to the highest vibration for my current consciousness and higher wisdom. ”

I woke up several times during the night just long enough to register what I had been dreaming about. Each time the dream was about saving someone, working with a group, healing on a larger level of vibration than my own.

Then the hour before I had planned to get up I started having an intense pressure on my chest. I understood my heart energy was expanding and pulsating outward and my physical heart was releasing and purging. I was getting mildly concerned because I did feel it within my physical body. The pressure was like a giant rubber band squeezing my chest. I realized then I was in my Akashic Temple.  I was being shown I was on the banks of a flowing current of green, a green river.  The archangel Raphael was with me. I sensed him sending me the impulse to go into the river and allow the River of Well Being to flow through me and expand and cleanse my heart energy. I knew this was for my highest good so I moved into the river of energy. I saw my heart burst open and empty out feelings, emotions and anxiety. Like ribbons of energy being released from my heart, my core. Replaced with a pink energy of the lightest vibration imaginable. Then I was absorbed within a golden beam of energy and I knew the healing and vibrational attunement was complete. I woke up with a wonderful feeling that everything would be okay.

I am in awe and amazed that this level of healing and understanding was being shared with me as I co create and teach the ever expanding and evolving course the Angels and I call Open the Doorway to Your Soul: the Akashic Vibration Process. I know these classes have helped me heal my body of many physical and emotional issues.

Since that healing took place on my heart, I am able see my life as a reflection of my soul’s purpose and wisdom. I still have times I worry about my children and now my grandchildren. The difference is I know we each have our own group of beautiful angels watching over us, supporting us. I know we are each traveling our own path towards understanding ourselves as spiritual, loving beings. It has helped bring peace to my heart and my mind.

 I know now the archangel Raphael is with me when I call on him. I am grateful I am able to share his healing knowledge and wisdom with others.

This article was recently published by the Edge Magazine here is the link to that article

If you are in need of a heart healing, you will find one on my products page. It is called Heart Healing and is a guided visualization channelled by the Archangel Raphael. I hope you will give it a try and allow your heart to heal.


3 thoughts on “A Heart Healing from Archangel Raphael”

  1. What a beautiful post, Maggie! ~ Thank you for your honest and heartfelt sharing!

    I work a lot with “empty-nester” moms, so I understand the heaviness that can come from this type of release. Each time we transition into the next phase of life, we’re shedding a part of us that we’ve grown intimately connected to – and it feels like we’re leaving a big part of ourselves behind.

    But are we really – or does it just feel that way in the moment?

    As you’ve shared here, it’s these experiences that help guide us into the next evolution of ourselves – becoming more and more expansive with each step. When we can zoom out, and look at our journey as a whole, we can see the beauty that emerges from the path – as we once again go from caterpillar to butterfly. 🙂

    ~ Tina

  2. Maggie – This is a very sweet and beautiful post…you have such a gift for connecting the Spiritual with every day events. This is so important for those of us who don’t have such a rich connection to our prayers. I could feel your heart healing it touched me at a deep level – goose bumps! Thank you 🙂

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