What is Spiritual Counseling and how can it help you heal?

spiritual-world-guardian-angelSpiritual Counseling involves working through the issues and concerns you have within your life by tapping into your Soul’s sacred wisdom. It involves working with the higher vibration of your Soul and the Divine Guidance that surrounds you.

Spiritual Counseling can be very beneficial when your world starts to open up and you begin to perceive things within your mind or knowledge that are unfamiliar and maybe frightening. A spiritual counselor is someone who has attained knowledge of the mystical realm of life and is comfortable in facilitating guidance, healing or communication from the higher realm.

The spiritual counseling I offer is used to help you heal and understand; people and relationships, your own attunement to the spiritual realm, past wounds that you can not let go of on your own, concerns or memories that seem to need a higher level of understanding in order to learn the lesson within the event.

Spiritual Counseling may also be used to learn more about your own unique gifts, talents and divine guidance. A Spiritual Counselor can help you interpret the symbols, signs and visions your guides or Divine Wisdom have been sharing with you.

As a spiritual counselor I feel blessed to share my knowledge of the spiritual realm and our connection to the Universal Source Energy or God. I personally prefer to address this energy as Heavenly Father because that is how I have always started my prayers and dialogs with this amazing vibration of light and love. Throughout the years I have worked as a spiritual counselor I have helped numerous people connect to the Source Energy and learn how to use this connection to heal their hearts, mind and body.

Within the current energy of the Earth and in the evolving evolution of human consciousness our connection to the Source Energy and our own Soul is becoming more apparent on every level of our existence. Angels and miracles are becoming our conscious partners helping manifest our future limited only by our ability to dream.

I encourage you to use your imagination, creativity and dreams to manifest your world and I offer my help and guidance when you need earthly support. My understanding of our spiritual nature and the soul’s majestic ability to heal on multiple dimensions of time can help give you the encouragement you need to release your past, embrace your future and love each and every day of your life.

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  1. This is a lovely post, Maggie – and what a gorgeous image you’ve chosen! ~ Thank you for sharing your beautiful gifts with the world! ~ I’m so happy we’ve connected!

    ~ Tina

  2. Maggie – I love how you are able to articulate so clearly the richness of what a spiritual counselor is and how you can help. I found it very grounding and heart expanding at the same time – powerful! Thank you.

  3. wow… great work are done by you in this blog. really appreciate it. picture is also so cute. I want say thank you for this awesome sharing. very informative and clean post.

  4. WіtҺ this information, together a faculty can inspire and cҺallenge students
    to disсover their own unique gifts and relatіonships to the healing process within the bоdy.

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