Wednesday' Wsdom
Wednesday’s Wisdom with Maggie and the Masters


*****   Update as of March, 2017   *******

Sacred Sharing has replaced Wednesday’s Wisdom.  Tuesday at 9:30 am Eastern.

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*****   Update as of January, 2017   *******

I have been asked to take a break and refocus my energy on my work with the Master Teachers. I would love to bring their knowledge and wisdom to the world in a more global way, but have found many road blocks as I have worked through how to do that. Right now my time out will help me focus my heart’s intention to align with the heart of God.

I am still available for sessions, and mentoring. I appreciate your understanding as I work to create a space and time we can all gather together and do our Sacred Sharing. Right now, that will take place every Sunday at 6:00 pm Eastern, on my own business page, Maggie Chula: Psychic Channel  on Facebook@MaggieChulaToo. 

Sacred Sharing 

*****   Update as of December, 2016   *******


I am so excited! I have been shown how to bring the sacred teachings of the soul to you in a new format.

I have known for sometime, the Earth’s ascension process was having a profound effect on my energy. Working within the Akashic Vibration of the Source of God has taught me the  wisdom of the Archangels, Ascended Masters and other light beings. Beings who are here with us sharing in the wisdom and vibration of planet Earth. I felt and experienced a shift of energy and consciousness that was unexpected and has taken time to assimilate.

I finally feel the mental fog has been lifted and the lights of enlightened wisdom have come on. A powerful shift in consciousness knocked me over so quickly, I felt off kilter and distant. But the daily routines I use to stay grounded and focused helped me get through. These routines are skills I teach in Project Life, a section of the course work for the Akashic Vibration Process. Through this structure, I was able to get into the correct vibration while working with my clients, but I knew in  November I would be back in my body again.

I am ready to share this divine healing light

I know I want to focus my skills and create more simple processes to teach and share the wisdom of the masters. Offer new ways to share the healing vibrational energy that pours through me as I work with and channel their presence. 

I want a structure that will allow me to share Project Life skills as well as healing processes. I did some research and tried several webinar platforms. I have decided I want to partner with others and create a stable platform for learning online. I have partnered with OmTimes Webinars and together along with other light workers, we are creating a new online learning platform.


This is a new structure for the master teachers and me. Since new things are scary, I was asked by the masters to make a commitment to help create this community of light workers. They asked me to create a space in my week, that I would commit to being online with them.

So here is what we came up with.

Facebook  @OmtimesExperts  Omtimes Webinars

10:30 am on Wed for 60 mins Live stream Wednesday’s Wisdom

Join me live on Wednesday at 10:30 am Eastern as I answer questions on health and healing from an energetic perspective.  I will offer my wisdom as a Psychic Channel, Spiritual Teacher, Neuro-Linguistic Hypnotherapist and Medical Intuitive.

I hope my understanding of the Mind and how you developed as a Soul with an Akashic Record will help you bring your mind, body, and spirit into alignment with Divine well-being. My mission is to help you connect to your Akashic Vibration so you can create life with focus and clarity in partnership with your Council of Light.

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Here is the page for Omtimes Experts! Find my live stream here!