Sacred Sharing is a free resource of light and light.
Sacred Sharing is a free resource of Light and Love.

Weekly dose of inspiration & relaxation with a vibrational edge.


Sharing your highest and best


Are you looking for hope and inspiration? Do you want to feel the light and grace of God within your body, heart, soul, and mind?


I can help you.

Join me on Tuesday as I share my highest and best with you during a live stream event on Facebook. I invite you to join me in a sacred circle and share your highest and best too.

We are vibrational beings of light. We are connected through our heart vibration to: the source of all that is or God, to the Earth or Gaia, and to every other being in the Universe.

Join me on Tuesday at 9:30 am Eastern and together we will share our highest and best with the world. I will lead this gathering through live stream media in partnership with OmTimes Magazine. We desire to bring to you: inspiration, information, and ignite your passion to be one with the Universal Source vibration of God and share your light and love with the world.

Be a fully realized Earth Being

Share sacred conversations, send visions of love and light throughout the Universe, as we center our discussions on how to share our light and love with others as fully realized Earth beings.


Fully realized meaning:

  • You know you are one with the Divine.
  • You accept you are creating your life
  • You understand life events are playing out in response to how you feel within your heart, and what you think with your mind.


Come join me and share your thoughts and feelings. Join in the sacred circle and feel the love, compassion, and light the master teachers bring to our circle.

Our weekly live stream is now being published on another platform. All the products created from the partnership between Maggie and the Master Teachers of the Akasha can now be found on

The Akashic Vibration website. 


All videos are uploaded to my youtube channel. Watch one now!

Watch a video now! 

Or watch one here!