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Stepping into the new Light of the World

Maggies Art

Learning my unique Soul language helped me to work with my Council of Light.

I am a spiritual being. I operate primarily from a sense of connection to my Source; my Soul. I have spent many years and used many titles to describe myself, the way I view the world around me, and the work I do. My intention was to be understood by others. I wanted to fit into a world that felt  foreign to me.

I learned as a young child to hide my unique connection of being able to tune into a world that was primarily unseen and unknown by my friends and my family. The spiritual realm, the world of the Akasha, was very strange and foreign, not a concept embraced by society.

When I was young information would pop out of my mouth and when asked where I heard it or learned it I did not know other than my unseen friends might have shared it with me.

I haven’t always used this ability. I consciously turned it off when I was 9. My mother had been murdered and I was overwhelmed by the dark energies that surrounded me. All I wanted to do was hide so the Darkness could not find me or my family.

I spent many, many years successfully hiding (or so I thought) until the time came for me to wake up. I started to consciously call back the energy and my unseen friends, my Council of Light, several years ago and now I am happy to report they are with me when I need guidance or I want to receive guidance for others.

As I have opened up my connection to my soul’s light, I have grown to become a trance channel for my Council of Light. A trance channel is a person who  allows vibrational beings to use their body and voice to channel wisdom and light creating a sacred space for vibrational healings to take place. I am able to move my thoughts and opinions out of the way of the transmission and allow the energy to speak through me using my voice and my hands as I speak and create these communications.

Actively working with my friends, the divine beings who create my Council of Light, is a wonderfully fulfilling experience for me. I enjoy being a Psychic Channel for sacred wisdom, light vibration, and love.

While I am aware of the darkness that is the opposite vibration of the light I channel, I am no longer fearful of this energy force.

I know within my heart and mind I am protected by the light vibration and I have nothing to fear. It is with love that I have chosen to open up and publicly speak out on the subject of energy, vibration, love, light, and of course the darkness and shadows.

As I continue on this path of transformation, I will channel and write more on the subject of human conscious expansion and co creating with your Soul’s wisdom. I hope you join me as my Council of Light works with me to channel information that will help us all as we each ascend and expand our conscious understanding of who we really are on our Soul level vibration.

You can join me on this journey by becoming a student of the course my Council of Light (the Master Teachers of the Akasha) channeled through me. This course is called The Akashic Vibration Process: Open the Doorway to Your Soul.

Here is a link to learn more about this transformational course work.  Learn more here.

After the first iteration of this class was created in taught in 2010 – 2013, I found my own work with my divine Council of Light had changed and healed dramatically.

I felt the desire to take some  time off from teaching, to work primarily as a trance channel for their wisdom and healing vibration.  While I was doing this work, we created the book, Open the Doorway to Your Soul: the Akashic Vibration Process. The book contains a series of channeled messages transcribed from my radio show podcasts for Maggie’s Spiritual Connections. This link will take you to the archives. Listening to the podcasts can help you understand who the Akashic Master Teachers are as well as their common goals for this work.

As the channeling was progressing, I was also working with the Akashic Master Teachers to create a book from the course work, the Akashic Vibration Process. This book has become a manual for the 2016 Akashic Vibration Process Certification course. The course is scheduled to start on March 02, 2016 and is 6 months long.

I invite you to come join me and learn the unique language of your Source; your Soul from the Akashic Master Teachers. They are ready to teach. Are you ready to learn?

Once again, here is the link to learn more about this transformational course work.  Learn more here.