# 3. Your thoughts create your life. Use affirmations to support your thoughts.

An affirmation is a statement you make and imprint upon your mind. When done correctly this statement becomes a new way of thinking for your mind. You are sharing what you want to believe about yourself and bring into your life. Think carefully about what you want to create.

To make an affirmation really work you need to share as much of yourself with this affirmation as possible.

Example one of my favorite affirmations is

“I am a loving, healthy, well-balanced being of light.” 

When I focus on that statement I bring to my mind the feeling of being fully loved. I visualize my body whole and healthy. I bring an understanding of being in balance. I expand my connection to my energy with myself as I focus on that statement. I know I am loving. I know I am healthy. I know I am well-balanced. I understand I am a being of light.

This statement makes sense to me and I accept that this is my truth.

An affirmation should also be stated in the now. In your present state of being. Such as:

I am a being of love and light. As I spread my light and happiness out into the world it is returned to me tenfold.

I am a successful, creative entrepreneur who is able to create a lifestyle with happiness, abundance, joy and love.

I am a healthy, vibrant being of light and love. I express my joy and happiness with everyone I met. I chose to see the light in myself and in others each and every day.

 Louise Hay has many affirmations within her books that are very inspiring. I received her latest book as a Christmas gift. This book was created in collaboration with Cheryl Richardson entitled ‘You can Create an Exceptional Life’. They share many affirmations within this book that are uplifting and encouraging.  My favorite is “All is well. Everything is working out for my highest good. Out of this situation only good will come. I am safe.” 

Working with affirmations can be done whenever you need or want to remind yourself how wonderful you are. How blessed your life is. How good it feels to be growing and expanding your awareness of yourself as a beautiful extension of your Soul.

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