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Are you ready to lighten up? I know I am! 


I have learned a common theme for me in this life is to “lighten up”. While I know I am a divine being of light and love, I also acknowledg my thoughts can be heavy with past memories and thoughts.

I have experienced times in my life that were filled with the vibration of saddness, anxiety, depression, and fear. And some days my mind is triggered and suddenly I am back within the vibration of those darker experiences.


These sudden shifts in my mental and emotional bodies can be very disruptive and pull me off course to what I had planned to accomplish for the day. 


I chose to release being a victim!


For too long I have been victimized by the Darkness that surrounded me as a young child. I have run from it. I have hid from it. I have pushed against it. I have studied and worked with numerous alternative healing activities in my hope this would allow the Darkness to leave me once and for all so I wouldn’t have to think about it or be controlled by it anymore.


As I gain clarity around how I wish to share my time on this Earth, the work I want to accomplish, it has become very important to me to use each day fully and not be a victim of the past.


Using each day fully means; being fully present with each activity I do, each person I interact with, each task I commit to doing for others.


To help me move forward in my life, I created a simple way of freeing my energy from those interruptions. Following this process allows me to quickly regain my mental focus and restore my energy to one of lightness of spirit. I have found my mind is able to let go and I am free to move forward in my day because my mind knows I will process the information later.


Let go of the past and move forward!


Here is my simple method:

  1. I make a mental note of the source of the interruption. I take the time to jot down notes, colors, feelings to help me recreate the moment that pulled my attention to the past.
  2. When I feel complete,  I take a moment to do mindful breathing. Remind myself I am breathing in the breath of life and releasing stale energy as I exhale.
  3. At the end of the day I take the time to think about each thought, memory and feeling.
  4. I honor the energy of the disruption and recognize my soul is sharing this is something that need my attention so it  can heal and be released from my mind.


By giving my past an actual time each day to be acknowledged and understood I have freed up my awareness of Now to become an alive entity. My Now has become an energy pattern that feels fresh, clean and full of possibilities. 



When I work on an issue or memory, I wait until I feel a clearing in my energy. Usually accompanied by a shift within my thoughts and beliefs. An aha moment when some thought, or memory or image becomes absorbed into my Energy field and accepted as part of me.


Another layer of healing has taken place.


I know I have made peace with another part of my life. Made peace with another section of my book of life. Understood that part had a place within my personal timeline and it helped me grow. It no longer has an abnormal heat or intensity about it. It has been merged into my consciousness and become a teaching moment.


Today I know when I get that aha moment with a client and they are able to accept and process another layer of healing. I realize each time those moments happen for me or for someone I am helping, it helps me to lighten up. As I lighten up so does my world.


I understand this is why I will continue to teach the art of soul healing; how to lighten up your mind, free your spirit, and heal your body.


We all make choices for our personal growth and how we are healing and growing. Our choices contribute to the ever expanding group consciousness of mankind. We contribute to the Akashic knowledge on how thoughts, memories and feelings contribute to physical and energetic health.


As we heal our soul, we heal our world and create a win/win scenario at it’s finest! 


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