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Sharing Goddess Messages

OpenTheDoorwayI am ready to take the next step in my work with the Master Teachers of the Akasha and in June I started to channel messages from the Goddesses. Isis is my primary soul Goddess and she has helped me plan out a way to offer Goddess Attunement sessions. The Goddess messages provided within these sessions will help each woman in the circle connect to her Goddess energy and learn how to channel her sacred wisdom.

This process was shared with me in 2012 when I was teaching and channeling information on vibrational healing and connecting to the Akashic Vibration. While in the Akasha you have access to all knowledge and wisdom within the ever expanding Universe. It is a perfect vibration to connect to the Light of Your Soul and meet your Council of Light, the high vibrational Light Beings that are your Guides, Guardians, Master Teachers and Healing Instructors.

While on the way to one class I was told I would be bringing in the Goddess Attunement energy for a new level of course work within the Akashic Vibration. I had been working with a group of students for several months on connecting to the Akashic Records. The group contained both men and women however this was the first and only time just the women were in the circle together. It was within this class the Goddess energy of Isis came through.

Isis has been with me throughout my life and has shared with me her wisdom and knowledge of how to attune women to their Goddess energy. The Goddess energy is active on the Earth now and wants to be connected to each and everyone of her wise women.

During the sessions we will offer an overview of the Akasha and the tools the Goddess will share to help you stay in attunement and learn to consciously channel the sacred wisdom of your Soul Goddess. I will be offering these sessions and will channel the Goddess energy once a month on a steady basis. The Goddess energy is here and wants to be connected to each and everyone of her wise women.

These sessions will be held the 2nd Sunday of each month starting August 10th at 5:00 pm CST for 60 mins. These calls will be recorded so you can listen to them later or whenever you want to get a vibrational boost from your Goddess energy.  I will also create a Facebook group dedicated to these sessions and to the Goddess Attunement within the Akashic Vibration. In addition we will have a members only section within my website where the audios and transcripts will be available for all current members who sign up for a commitment of six months or more. This process will evolve and grow as each of the women who participate in the circle embrace their own Goddess energy.

I look forward to sharing these beautiful beings and their messages with you.

To learn more about joining this group please contact me by sending an email to


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