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Psychicoftheweek020816I was honored to be a part of Shay Parker’s Best American Psychics. They are a wonderful group of caring, healing professionals. My years with them were a turning point in my acceptance of being a psychic, and embracing  my natural abilities.

I identified which skills are considered psychic and which are part of my healing abilites. My communication with spirit expanded as well and is now expressed in my channeling vibrational healing sessions.

Along the way during my journeys, I discovered how to teach these skills to others.

I am grateful to have Shay Parker’s recommendation for my services. I invite you to listen to it now.

Praise for the information found on this website

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This is just a thank you for your inspirational website.  I am a retired Christian pastor, age 73.  I have recently become aware of all the spiritual gifts that exist and of which my denomination never prepared me to understand or appreciate.  Your website has introduced me to the deep connection between my body, my emotions, my mind and my spirit, especially my spirit.

Thank you so very much for helping me to understand that spiritual healing must include all those aspects of who I am.  I know that even in my 70s I am not too old to grow in my understanding of my connection to my own soul and to what you so perfectly describe as  “Sacred Healing Wisdom.”

I’ll close now with thanks and compliments and blessings before I bore you.

Peace.  Roger

Spiritual Counselor, Healing

I feel very very wonderful after speaking with you.  You have such a loving way of sharing messages and helping me understand what they mean.  You help me to feel the love of my counsel around me.  You help me learn how to work my own path and live my life and being intentional with my thoughts and actions.  I cannot thank you enough for continuing to do what you do every day.  I feel your love and light.  I feel sparkly and happy after talking with you.  Even when we have had tough subjects to talk about, I still feel so good when I leave.  Life has many ups and downs and I always feel like I know my next steps after we’ve talked.  The only part I missed this time is I didn’t get to hug you hello or good bye.  I will drive to you next time.  I miss that piece. 😉

I really appreciate and value you Maggie! Love, Love, Love you and all you do for this world!       Sheila

I wanted to tell you how much I appreciate being able to share inner feelings, emotions and experiences with you. It is something that is not easy for me but your love, innate understanding, and trustworthiness makes it okay.

Thanks for your love and support!  We are rising again!    Melissa and the Doodles

My heart is full of gratitude for your insight, guidance, and support. Thank you! I pray that God blesses you always with a long life, good health and wealth, Ameen. May you always be gifted and blessed to help the world.

Regards,   Amin

I just wanted to thank you for the session yesterday. I know you said that it may take up to 3 days to feel the effects but I did feel comfort and peace right away. There were some things I had a hard time understanding and this session really helped me toward becoming more at peace and whole.

I thank you very much for your help and wish you wonderful Holidays!  Urszula

I can’t thank you enough for what you do and for the time spent with me. It has put me so much more at peace knowing my grandmothers are there. I’m practicing connecting up everyday with my rose quartz in hand. One says love and the other says enjoy.

Thank you,  Serena

You helped me remember what I love — some of which are:  the cows & chickens directly to the north of me, the horses to the east, the pigs in the west, and the trees surrounding me.  Also, to trust in the divine goodness as i give to myself what i determine i need and learn to rest in the powerful breath of life itself.   I pray i am always able to discern Gods/our holy ones presence in my life and those around me.  Thank you with ALL of my heart!!!!!! Gail   Gibbon, MN

Thank you, Maggie for working with me the past 4 plus months.  There were many times that I didn’t know if or how I would continue on this earth with the early death of my husband and all of the shock and trauma of that and what continued after that.  You helped in so many ways; by listening, by tuning in and giving me information I was seeking, by clarifying things I was getting, by being patient with me through my grief and trauma, by redirecting me when I needed that, by being positive and encouraging, and by connecting with my council with many, many words of wisdom for me.

I love that you tape the sessions, I always hear things differently the second time.  Because so much was shared over the last several months, I think I will go back and listen to all of the ones I have saved and see how far I have come and I know there will be things I didn’t hear before also.

You are a true spiritual teacher of teachers and I am honored to know you and thrilled that I found you again after taking my advanced Thetahealing class from you many years ago.  There are no accidents; our paths were meant to cross again and at exactly this time.

You are an earth angel indeed and I would highly recommend you for anyone looking for help, clarity, healing, and a true soul connection.  I know I am a better person from our sessions and am looking forward to a new life and living my life purpose.

Blessings,  Suzanne

Maggie Chula is an exceptional intuitive counselor.. Her ability to “get” my energy and guide me is amazing. I always feel more supported, understood and clear after connecting with her. She truly is a blessing in my life.

–Maureen D. Healy, author of Growing Happy Kids

Thanks for helping me find the light. Without you I couldn’t be here today. You are an angel sent down from heaven to help people out with their problems in life. After we had our talk over the phone I did what you said which was to give everything bad in my life to the light. You also told me to give people a second chance at doing the right thing to get on the right path in life. That’s what I am doing. My ex-grilfriend felt so bad after what she did to me she tried to end her life but I am leading her in the right path now. She is getting better every day.  She is making new friends every day and now she is with a really nice guy at my school. So once again thanks for teaching me that people are good and even if they are bad doesn’t make them always bad. So thank you!

Your friend Tom

****  Tom is a 13 year old boy. Both Tom and his mother wanted me to publish this message to share with all of you, our children are here as lightworkers. Let us help them by reminding them and showing through our example, how people should be treated regardless of how they treat us.

Maggie Chula is a talented, kind and connected spiritual counselor!  I have always been successful in business, but unsatisfied and felt that I had the potential to accomplish so much more.  Maggie helped me find focus, a purpose and calm my anxieties about the ‘unknown’ future without the crutch of a corporation.   My life has transformed in just three short months of working with her and my wildest dreams are becoming a reality.  Our sessions are very meaningful and I always look forward to them!

She is an angel with purpose and I’m so thankful to have her in my life!

Kris Getzie, Founder of Volo

ASTOUNDING!  Maggie is a hidden treasure that will soon be a national sensation! I am less than half way through Maggie’s 9-week program, and I have made a complete turn-around!  Depressive energy has been lifted and I have new tools to continue to expand this new and happy energy. Plus in this short time, I am experiencing physical healing of chronic pain and have been able to discontinue the use of prescription medicine.  I have found clarity and purpose regarding the direction of my business knowing that I can build my ideal life that suits my expectations, and not others.  Through her instruction on energy work as well as tailored guided meditations, I have  learned how to connect to my soul energy is a way I have never been able to before. Not only does Maggie have the ability to connect with spirit, she explains how spiritual principles work through the science of quantum physics and other scientific findings.

Her abilities to connect to the spiritual realm are UNPARALLELED and unlike anything I have experienced from any other practitioners!   She connects to Ascended Masters, guardian angels, spirit guides, your source energy and deceased loves ones.  The profound messages she gave me from my mother had healing tears streaming down my face.  Seeing is believing, as her innate gifts and talents are AMAZING and UNBELIEVABLE! 

I am so happy that I have found a caring, trusting and spiritual counselor who has the tools, experience, and innate talents to help me get where I want to go in a loving and helpful manner.  Plus, I can use the skills and healing methods she teaches throughout the rest of my life.  If you feel like you are missing something and feel stuck, Maggie can help you begin to see your true soul to reach your higher purpose.

–Chelsea Hanson, Grief Educator and Author

Thanks so much for your skill at connecting with my council, and your ability to convey their messages in a way that makes it easy for me to understand.


Physical Healing

Your meditation on Healing your Digestive System is helping me so much. I am listening as many times a day as I can fit in by starting and ending my day with your wisdom and perfect voice and all the Divine LOVE streaming through.

Please know how much I appreciate you and your gift and so honor you   Helene

Thank you for your time yesterday. It was very helpful. You mentioned yesterday that my son would get better. He had his yearly apt today at the University of Minnesota for his Menieres disease, and his hearing has IMPROVED. The doctor said this has never happened to his knowledge. I am just thrilled.

Thank you so much. Maggie

Our time together just  flies by and before I know it the session is over. I am very excited to work with you and to learn more about how to heal my body as I also learn how to heal my past. This is fascinating stuff and while I do not understand everything I do know I have lost 10 pounds in the past 2 weeks, I do not crave sugar anymore and my blood pressure is down several points. Both my doctor and I are very encouraged.

Thank you so much for helping me and for sharing your light with the world.  Cindy

I want to thank you for helping Henry quit smoking. Quitting smoking has been a battle for Henry for over 20 years. Henry is amazed at how easy it was for him to give up smoking.

I also want to express my gratitude to you in helping with my shingles healing. This was one of God’s many miracles that I have witnessed.

I am blessed to have you as a friend. Thanks again!   With love and friendship.   Julie

Spiritual Healing

I can’t express the depth of love and compassion I felt when the Angel of Love shared a message with me during our session. I know we talked about it afterward but I still have not stopped crying. Crying for all the pain and suffering I allowed myself because I was unable to forgive and let go of bitterness and anger while I father was dying. After he had crossed over, I was like a stone. Caught in my own prison of emptiness. I will forever bless my friend for telling me about you and your work. Maggie you truly are an incarnated Angel. Please continue in this work. Thank you.


I want to thank you for your healing yesterday. I woke up this morning and my body was only mildly nervous/shaky. I believe my guides are doing their work. I’m also trying to include in my prayers for my Guides to continue working with me and God’s protective light to surround me so I can start visualizing this better. Peace and prayers


Past Life Regression

From the moment I stepped into your home, Maggie, I felt comfortable about beginning my journey through Past Life regressions.  You helped me identify my issues during our first session, leaving me eager to explore my past lives at the next session.  The two regressions I have experienced under your guidance have been remarkable, filled with joy and love. With your guidance and true psychic abilities I am working toward fulfilling my destiny on this planet.  I can not say “thank you” enough times to show you how much the sessions with you have meant to me.  Processing is still on going, but I will use the knowledge I have ascertained to work toward completeness in all areas.   Thank you so  much,

–Wyn Plocher  author of Find Your Bliss

Psychic Professional

First thing I need to say is WOW! I just felt like I needed to get an opinion on things. I am a paranormal investigator. I work with Angels at investigations. I routinely try to call on Michael for help/protection. I do the prayer of St. Michael and I call on the Arch Angel Michael. WELL, you will enjoy this, a few weeks ago, I called on Metatron! I just felt the urge too….everything went so perfectly well with the energy in the home, and my protection levels. I don’t know much about Metatron but felt compelled too. I will keep working with Metatron  .

All I have to say is wow Maggie!

–Justin Chase Mullins, Certified Psychic Professional

First I would like to say thank you for your service and the recording.  I love tuning myself back to the vibration I felt with you.  I have also heard Mother Mary a few times since then and it was so wonderfully comforting to trust the voice and relax in her love for a moment.  Lastly, I found a little note of questions I had written down prior to meeting with you.  I just wanted to let you know that not only did you answer every question, but you answered them in order.  I am sure you are confident enough in your abilities, but a little “You rock!” reminder never hurts.  🙂


Hi Maggie. OMG Just got off the phone with Jeaneen. She is flying high with excitement. Not only from her new job but said it was the best reading ever and she is so so grateful and happy. Thank you so much. I knew you would be a blessing to her as you are to me.  Again… thank you so much for sharing your gift.  I will be in touch again in the spring for another reading.   God Bless you with love.


You nailed everything.


Thank you for another wonderful reading. I was touched when you mentioned sharing a dream experience with your partner. When you mentioned the Spiritual Healing course, I felt a sense flash by concerning how you are being directed as part of a larger-scale effort to prepare people for the ongoing shift. I feel directed to make my own contribution, and as you pointed to the Theta Healing book, I could see the larger meaning of it all. Keep up the great work!


Spiritual Counselor

When I first contacted Maggie I was having quite a few issues in both my personal life and professional career that I could not resolve on my own.  I considered a more traditional approach at first, but with some of the experiences that I had, I knew deep down that a spiritual counselor would better serve my purpose.

In my home life there were some negative things happening in my house that I could not explain and honestly, once my children started to tell me about things that were happening to them, I knew that I needed to do something about it.  As far as my professional career, I was struggling quite a bit and needed some guidance.  Maggie just happens to have a professional background that is similar to mine, so with her professional and spiritual background, I knew that she was perfectly suited to help me.

I found Maggie to be a kind, gentle, gifted and non-judgmental person that is very easy to talk to and work with.  After our initial meeting, Maggie provided me with a Coaching plan that was tailored exactly to my needs.  I met with Maggie for the number of times that she recommended and I am now happy to report that the issues at home are completely taken care of and my professional issues are now resolved!

Had I stopped there I would have said that Maggie met my expectations, but I continued to meet with Maggie for many more sessions because she sparked my desire to grow spiritually and now I would say that she has exceeded my expectations in that I am now able to successfully navigate through life in a higher sense with the knowledge that she has provided to me.

In closing, I would like to say that I at first had some reservations to this approach and working with Maggie, as I was raised in a traditional Christian home, very much believing in God and the Bible.  My discovery was that this Coaching supported my religious beliefs and that if you have an open mind you will not only get the help that you need but you will draw closer to God as you expand into higher spiritual awareness. 

–Bob Jacobson, Project Management Consultant  Oct 2013

Just a follow-up to say thank you for your kind words and help. Myattitude has really improved over the past days and I am feeling morehopeful and less anxious for the future.  I listened again this morning to the audio piece you recorded for me prior to work and I have felt so much more peaceful all day. As a side note, I feel like I am being “connected” with more peoplewho are in tune with energies and souls since our visit.  One in particular said he had a premonition or a feeling that I would be the dentist to help him, and another brought up bad spirits associated with illness, etc.  I feel like I am running into more people with similar beliefs or goals now, or perhaps I just notice it more. Thank you again and looking forward to meeting with you in the future.


Thank you so much for your advice and information for Katharine.  She followed your advice and was able to sleep through the night – about 11 hours!  She says she sees the vibration – the shield that she has put up.  She really liked the prayer also.  This is all so fascinating.  I’ll be in touch in a few weeks to set up the next appointment.     Thanks again!


I wanted to send you a note to thank you again for a really great session.  I have a lot to work on with the job of course. However, I will make sure to use your Zip-Up process suggestion.   I can’t wait to listen to the recording again as I’m sure I missed a few things as I was certainly in awe with your feedback.  Thanks so much for giving me clarity!!  Have a wonderful week!   Blessings!


I cannot thank you enough for sharing your gift with me. I feel like a new person: light, carefree, full of life again and eager to greet life. I truly appreciate how you help me. Have a wonderful day.  I plan to.

–Sheila G.

Wow Maggie! This helped me more than you know! Especially because he was shadowing me this am. He is extremely smart and I am trying to take as much knowledge from him as I can… and share some of mine with him. And I think my lesson here was putting my intentions first, instead of trying to worry about doing right by everyone else!  And you pretty much confirmed what I felt, which was why I asked you!  You are the best my dear friend!   Hugs!!

— Becky 🙂

I have consulted with a number of psychics and intuitives, and Maggie has proven to be one of the best. She has assisted me with great insight on career, relationship, and personal issues. She can connect with Spirit to provide the client with information that enlightens and empowers. I strongly recommend a session  with Maggie to inspire your spiritual journey.


Thank you for your help as I process through everything that has happened to me in the past 2-3 months. It’s been … something. I’m working on cultivating my column of light and calling on Metatron and Michael particularly to aid me in feeling safe and protected that I know what I should be feeling and sensing when they are with me. …

Thank you again, Maggie. I’d be a different, and lesser, version of me without you. Peace and Every Blessing,

–Marie, New York, NY

After a month of turmoil over an energy healing course in process, I called you for Emergency Spiritual Guidance. I had enrolled in the class with eagerness and sense of purpose to learn, and with an open heart. But the atmosphere was intolerable, and I was struggling mightily with the emotion and confusion this evoked. I’m so grateful for your time helping me sort this out.

Messages you related from my guides and angels, and your own wisdom and guidance brought me to a sense of calm and understanding of how this experience supports my life path, and where it departs from it. Now, I can see all aspects of that experience as a valuable lesson. This recognition changed my perspective, and anxiety vanished. A great gift from the session was your reminder that We Heal Ourselves, and that masters (such as yourself and other earthly teachers) magnify the energy putting us in a space where deeper healing and spiritual connections are possible, and accelerated.

I slept soundly for the first time in weeks. I awoke with a feeling of joy and a knowing about progress on my spiritual path. I have not felt this hopeful and confident in a long time. Thank you for helping to ‘fast track’ me back to my center.   With love and gratitude,

–Liz McQuoid

Maggie, words will never be enough to share with you what all your help and Counseling have done for me and my family these past 5 years. You are an angel, and that is why they are so willing to work through you. I look forward to the next 5 years and learning how to channel guides myself by learning how to access the Akashic Vibration with you. Blessings to you and your family.


Help to Stop Smoking

About six years ago, I came to you as a long time smoker. I started smoking to be part of the crowd in high school. We looked so cool, walking down the street, smoking our cigs or so we thought. That was about 30 years ago and I tried the pill, the gum, the patch, acupuncture and some programs that the American Lung association had approved just to quit the habit. The longest I had stopped smoking was about a month. I always started smoking again.

It was a cold day in January  2007 that I stumbled upon you. I was out shopping and saw your card. I toyed with the idea of hypnotism for a bit. I was reluctant, nervous at first to even make an appointment for hypnosis. Good thing you were patient with me, I scheduled a session and had to reschedule because I thought that there would be a snow storm. I needed help with my addiction, daily decisions were being made due to this and no matter how much I wanted to end it, I just could not do that. When I finally told myself I really had nothing to lose, except this weight of addiction, I arrived at your office. We talked for about 20 minutes, you asked me why now and other questions before starting hypnosis.

Maggie, I was so scared that I would fall back into smoking again, I was such a failure at this. I listened to the CD of my session with you for 30 days afterward. At first I did have some urges, yet they were different. They were just thoughts. I DID NOT feel overwhelmed, I was in control. I went out with friends to the bar scene. Smoking was still allowed in the bars back then. About two hours of being in there, I suddenly realized that I did not have an URGE. Not a one. I told my friends and they were struck by this also. I did suggest that we leave because I then realized that it was so hazy from the smoke it was hard to see. Just image what it was doing to our lungs–YUK.

I could go on about all the experiences I have had since my session with you. Hypnotism worked for me. I do think that it was your skill that made such a significant difference in my LIFE. I recommend you to people everywhere I go. Please use my letter to let others know that six years later I am still smoke free and cannot see it any other way.  Thank you Maggie,

–Sheila Grittner

Spiritual Counselor and Healer

Our journey started when I called and needed some intuitive help regarding my daughter.  We had a phone session and I knew I needed to continue my spiritual journey with her not only for my own well being but for my children.  4 years and counting, Maggie has guided me through MANY different life changes-personal, professional, and being a single mother of three children.  Maggie has given me tools no other professional could have taught.  My children have benefited greatly since they are such old souls and intuitive themselves.

One of the most amazing things is Maggie has helped me to learn Spiritual Healing and using visualization with conscious creation.  I had a medical issue, one session with Maggie helped me clear what was going on in my life.  I went back to the Doctors, and they stated I was clear and free of any type of disease.  I stated, “A healing occurred”.   I am now proof and the medical community has documentation of this!

Recently, my daughter who is 11 years old wanted to sleep anywhere but her own bed.  I set up a session with Maggie.  Maggie was able to talk with her and her angels and assist her in having a visual that would help her keep centered and sleeping in her bed all night without nightmares’ or waking up screaming.

These are just a few examples.  After 4 years and counting, I am engaged and want to learn more and more through her classes and individual sessions.  Thank you! Such a blessing to me and the children!

Lastly, I am looking forward to the never ending journey of creating the life I want and the joy that is ours!   With Love and Light


Spiritual Counselor

Many thanks for the compassionate and meaningful reading you shared with me last night on the phone. Of course there is no doubt that we were meant to connect. Clearly, Mama had been wanting to clear up some misconceptions I’d still been carrying around – and pain with them…that she didn’t love me. You are 100 % correct about her being drugged with pain medicines as well as her having been entirely “spent” emotionally by the time I was born.

I simply wanted to thank you. Your reading meant the world to me. I thought I was interested in the information about the baby bracelet but that was just a reason to put us in touch. The momentous piece was the message from Mama and the clarity I now have about her life, her intentions and a lot of misunderstanding about her not only by me but others as well

I wish you all good things.


Spiritual Healing and the ripple effect

I wanted to share with you another experience that has touched my life since our session. I see it now like tossing a stone into a pond, the ripples spreading out, sending oxygen through out the water. My Grandmother is opening up and facing her life. She is sharing with her children. People that have carried toxins in their hearts are releasing them and replenishing with empathy and hope.

A healing took place, not only in one life, but anyone who was connected with that energy source. When you understand that it is so elementary. Have a beautiful day! Namaste


Healing for Healers

Love you!!! Thank you for seeing me last night – I now feel hope and a renewed sense of purpose. I was rather tired and bored before! You are an angel sent here to help those of us who work with the general population – you are here to ‘heal the broken angel’! Love you!


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