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Praise for the channeled messages

I did read the chapter with St Germain.  (from the book Open the Doorway to Your Soul) I love having both the audio and the book available.  I loved reading this and visualizing The Flame of Transmutation taking away whatever needs to go.  It gets better and better, also easier each time I am in this space using  the tools you and they have shown us.  Thank you for the gift of YOU!  Thank you for the tools you are giving to us to make us better people!!!  You are making a difference and I want you to know this!

I send you love and blessings!   Laura

I listened to two of your podcasts today.  I had trouble before that it wouldn’t load, so it was fun to listen today!  Maybe I wasn’t ready to hear it earlier…  🙂

Anyway, I listened to your Kuthumi and St. Germain transmissions.  I could feel the vibration of their words, lessons and clearings.  What fun!!!!  Thanks for sharing and making them available as recordings!  I was going to write after the St. Germain one, and the end of the Kuthumi automatically started… and at the end of that one you asked for feedback.  So here it is.  🙂  I loved the clearing and that the beings said they would be there to help, just ask.  I will do that more often!

Sounds like things are going wonderfully for you.  How exciting!  Looks like the Goddess podcast is starting….I might have time to listen to that one too….

I wholeheartedly endorse you and your work!   Lots of love,   Paula


Spiritual Teaching

Thank you so much for your gentle and competent teaching skills this weekend. I have studied my entire life about healing, I teach and have run my own spiritual store, ear candling business and Reiki practice. Your class truly took me to another level and opened my psychic eye. Although I had seen, heard, and felt things my entire life – it was out of my control when the events would occur. I had never been able to purposefully “see” before. By the end of the first day, I was already able to “see” pictures while doing healing work on a classmate. This really surprised me – and really made me feel better when the classmate confirmed the meaning of the pictures I saw. I can’t express what a pleasure it is to finally be able to “see” and will be committed to developing this more through out my life so that I can help people in a whole new way. Your class has helped bring me to another level spiritually. I thank you for your help and encouragement.

–Diana Palm

I’d like to thank you once again for teaching your Akashic Records Initiation class this past Saturday. It was a truly enlightening experience, and I believe it has opened a special new door for me. Also, thank you for answering all my questions regarding the subject. It fascinates me to no end! 🙂

I look forward to checking out the digital download from the class! I also look forward to more classes about the Akasha. Thanks!

–Igal V

Your class was a wonder experience!  I have learned so much about myself and excited to learn more.   Please include me in the classes that are coming up.  This was a profound experience for me, so much so, a friend stated that I finally look like I’m comfortable in my own skin.  Thank you again.

–Kim S

I’m thankful to have met you. I’m thankful for your kind heart and ability to share your spirit and knowledge with me. Your Akashic Records class was a huge contributor to my transformation! I’m hoping accessing my records will help me to rise to a higher level of consciousness, which will in turn enable me to help others as a life coach. Thank you Maggie!

–Dajon S

Thank you so much for helping me develop my connection to my Higher Power and Wisdom. I always knew I was being helped along in life by my intuition and guides but as you said I just did not want to hear what they wanted to share with me at times. I am grateful I am finally over the belief that something was wrong with me and I am crazy. I now believe listening to my intuitive senses is normal and natural and I have been “in touch” for many years if not all of my life. You are a blessing in my life. Thank you.


I just wanted to thank you for sharing your talent and skill as a teacher and mentor to others. After the Beginning Energy class I attended my skills at becoming aware of my Higher Wisdom and Guidance was greatly enhanced. So much so that my daughter has accused me of reading her diary! LOL. I didn’t know she had one but I am glad I feel more comfortable opening up and sharing some of my concerns with her. It has made us both feel more connected and the amazing part is, she now opens up to me and we talk more about things like Angelic Guidance. I feel more relaxed allowing her to make decisions and understanding she too has guidance.   Thank you so much.


I just got back from my last visit with my lawyer and we’re ready to file so next week that is what we will be doing. I feel a great weight lifted and on the way back to work just released in tears as I turned on the radio to hear “in the arms of an angel, you will find some comfort here” in the chorus of the song on. This is a lift of seven years of a felt cloud over my head.

Thank you for all that you have taught me. I have taken the lessons to heart and I feel they have played a huge role in what I’m able to achieve right now. I am definitely in line with your message of focusing on goals that resonate with me for the first time ever. Thank you again.

–Sherri Erickson

I would like to share my appreciation for having the opportunity to become a Theta Healing Practitioner through your class. I did not know what I was in for being a part of this amazing energy opening experience. I spent some years working as a Hypnotherapist, as well as working with other Energy Therapies.

I can honestly say that I feel like I have a much better relationship and understanding in an overall way working with Theta. I have a clearer vision of my future; moving forward with my goal of providing service and healing to help others. Thank you for teaching this amazing technique and for your kind heart and soul, your calling truly is Teacher.

–Diana Frank

Thank you for passing this info. on to me…I for one did not know what I was in for and can honestly say after taking this class that I have a better relationship with the universal energy…..I feel like a different person after my experiences with the 8 sisters that I met in this class and am so grateful that I was able to take the class and meet all of you…..My abilities have increased as well with my weakest ability now opening up. Thank you for teaching this amazing way of being and I for one know that the doors in my life are opening to all different kinds of possibilities…… I would love it if I could share this with everyone that I come in contact with….Thank you. I appreciate your kind heart and soul…..Your calling truly is Teacher. Living in light and love…..


I want to thank you for making such a difference in my life experience. I am proud to know you and I truly appreciate everything you have taught me.


Open the Doorway to your Soul : the Akashic Vibration Class feedback

Your class was a wonder experience!  I have learned so much about myself and am excited to learn more.   Please include me in the classes that are coming up.  This was a profound experience for me, so much so, a friend stated that I finally look like I’m comfortable in my own skin.

Thank you again.

–Kim Slaker

A quick note.  What I am finding as I am working with the Akasha is that I have been here many times before, but didn’t know it!  And I didn’t know what to do with it.   Thank you.


Just had to share this – on the way to work this morning, I saw a majestic bald eagle sitting on a ramp meter of all places, facing traffic and watching.  Several of us stopped on the ramp to marvel.   I was about 5 yards away from it. It sat for about 5 seconds, and then opened its wings (4- foot wing span at least) and flew away.  I was awestruck.  Somehow, I felt it was a sign from spirit, and I’ve been happy thinking of it all day. 

Thanks for your great work.


I first wanted to say thank you for creating and teaching the course on the Akashic Vibration.  What you are doing makes all the difference and it matters more than I can convey with simple words. My wish is that you strengthen your confidence and trust in self throughout this process because the world needs what you are offering and doing.


Thanks very much, Maggie.  However it happens, I look forward to working with you over the next several months.  I know you are a very important piece of my path.  Blessings to you.


Maggie has been an essential guide in further connecting to the Spiritual dimension. I have been studying energy work for two years and finding Maggie has empowered me to go deeper into my Spiritual connection in order to find for myself the answers that live there.


Thanks Maggie! Bless you – I listened to the meditation at lunch and it was WONDERFUL! Soon it will be nice enough to walk outside at lunch while listening to it. I feel like I am a victim of my own psyche, taking what I love and trying to double and triple it and thinking I need things I don’t need to be safe – like the key to freedom is inside and I lost it. I think I am starting to get this on a level that I can’t explain. Thank you so much for helping me with this!!!


Thank you so very much for your loving care and thoughtfulness – I am so touched, and very grateful!  I very much believe in, and am so into metaphysical studies and writings, so I will surely listen to these two courses. Thank you so very much for sending them to me, Maggie! This is something I resonate so naturally with, in my thought process.

Thank you so much Maggie – I have always so loved your vibration and energy, and am very grateful to you for all your guidance! I will be in touch, with love and blessings to you too


Thank you so much for your speedy response.  I was able to download the session and am very much looking forward to listening to it.  Again, thank you for the caring and loving way you conveyed my guardian angel’s and the Higher Spirit’s messages to me.  It has helped me immensely since our visit.


Life-Changing Results

Thank you for an amazing class! Can’t wait to sit down and try again with the recording.


Thank you so much for the class yesterday, it was great!  I definitely would like to come to the next one!


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