channelingMy ability to work with and channel the Master Teachers of the Akasha has been growing and expanding. This sacred connection is very important to me and I am honored my ability to connect to and channel the voices of the Master Teachers has been improving. By improving I mean, I am more comfortable in the role of Channel and Voice for their wisdom and energetic vibration.

My work with Vibrational Healing is growing too. This can be very important information for you if you are like me and you experience issues within your physical body that the doctors can not seem to identify or help you heal.

I now offer an Akashic Record Reading with Vibrational Healing. I realize this is quite a mouthful but it is the only way to share the session type with you. When I tune into the vibration of your Source through your Akashic Record I am accessing your Soul level wisdom. My work with the Masters has prepared me to enter into a vibrational alignment with your Council of Light. It is in this vibration of Light, Love and Compassion we offer wisdom and guidance to you. It is also through this vibration we can help you adjust and tone up your energetic body pattern. Your energetic body pattern is a very real pattern your mind uses to help rebuild your body down to the cellular level every day.

So as I expand in my knowledge of how to Open the Doorway to Your Soul and learn how to package and teach the Akashic Vibration Process, I am also being shown how understanding this information will help you bring the best of yourself into your day. How you can stay connected to your light, love and compassion as you go through your day and share the very best of yourself with the many people around you, your world and also yourself.

My free weekly podcasts on are live on Sunday at 5:00 pm CST. During these podcasts I call on one of the Master Teachers of the Akasha to come and share a message with us. These podcasts are free and available when you are ready to listen, relax and let go of stress and anxiety. Each one has been very healing. They have changed my life completely. I am now very sure this information is not all coming from me. I am in contact with the wonderful unseen beings who are here to help us and we are all here to channel our Soul’s Wisdom.

I would love to get your feedback on how the podcasts are helping you too.

Many blessings to you and yours,

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