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What is Spiritual Counseling and how can it help you heal?

Spiritual Counseling involves working through the issues and concerns you have within your life by tapping into your Soul’s sacred wisdom. It involves working with the higher vibration of your Soul and the Divine Guidance that surrounds you. Spiritual Counseling can be very beneficial when your world starts to open up and you begin to perceive things within your mind or knowledge that are unfamiliar and maybe frightening. A spiritual counselor is someone who has attained knowledge of the mystical realm of life and is comfortable in facilitating guidance, healing or communication from the higher realm. The spiritual counseling I offer is used to help you heal and understand; people and relationships, your own attunement to the spiritual realm, past wounds that you can not let go of on ... Continue reading »

What are you sharing with the world?

What an amazing time we live in. We are living in a time in history when it is easier than ever to access and find information on any subject that interests us. We have access to some of the most brilliant minds alive and we also have access to thoughts nad beliefs that may cause us to feel scared, worried or fearful of what is happening in many areas of our world. Information is no longer limited to an elite group of people who then filter what they know and pass it down to others. If you have access to the internet you are now being wired into a global community. If you want you can discover core beliefs people have or core beliefs nations of people share. But the question is, is this helpful? Is this harmful? Or is this another way to help us evolve and chose who we want to be and ... Continue reading »