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Creating life with health, well-being, and abundance

How are you doing creating life? How are things in your part of the world? Is health, well-being, and abundance flowing for you? I hope they are. I know you have everything you need to create a life full of happiness, joy, and anything else your heart desires. I am so sure of this, I have devoted my life to prove this process for creating life works, and life has rewarded me with health, happiness, peace, and well-being. But it wasn’t always so. There has been  plenty of chaos, fear, ... Continue reading »

Ask and Receive Messages from Spirit

To ask and receive messages from Spirit is a skill you are constantly developing! I teach courses on Spiritual Healing and Psychic Development. I have grown to be able to create the classes as they are taught. I rely on my ability to channel the wisdom of the Akashic Master Teachers. But sometimes I wonder if I am focusing on the right things as I prepare for the class. I want to connect and create the class, with the highest and best in mind for my students. As I was getting ready to teach ... Continue reading »

Gaia shares her joy for life!

I am excited and amazed to have Gaia share her wisdom and vibration through me. For almost 2 years now, I have allowed myself to be a trance channel.  I have channeled messages from a group of beings that call themselves the Master Teachers of the Akasha. It was my stated heartfelt desire to bring a message of hope and inspiration; to help us embrace our inner wisdom, to help me heal my wounds from the past,  to help shift mankind into the new vibrational energy of Earth, and help us create an ... Continue reading »

Mother Mary speaks about a Mother’s Love

This video is the first one I have created that shows me channeling a message from the Master Teachers of the Akasha. I made the recording  and used the audio on my blogtalkradio show, Maggie's Spiritual Connections. During those podcasts I have been recording channeled messages I receive from the master teachers while in a trance channel state. This message was recorded on Mother's Day, May 10th, 2015. I opened up this session by asking Mother Mary to come through and help us understand what ... Continue reading »

What to expect in 2015

The past few years have been full of changes and challenges for most of us. I allowed myself to share my natural ability as a trance channel for the Master Teachers who dwell in pure spirit form within the vibration of the Akasha. The Akashic Vibration is the vibration of the Source of All That Is or God. It is also the vibration of your Source or Soul. On Dec 29th, 2014, while I was hosting a radio show, I was asked what to expect energetically for 2015. I shared that according to the ... Continue reading »

Sharing Goddess Messages

I am ready to take the next step in my work with the Master Teachers of the Akasha and in June I started to channel messages from the Goddesses. Isis is my primary soul Goddess and she has helped me plan out a way to offer Goddess Attunement sessions. The Goddess messages provided within these sessions will help each woman in the circle connect to her Goddess energy and learn how to channel her sacred wisdom. This process was shared with me in 2012 when I was teaching and channeling ... Continue reading »