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How Love can help you become abundant

How can love help you become abundant? Let me ask you something, are you sharing your love with the world?  Is your love flowing freely? Do you limit the way you express love with the world?When I prayed to God and ask for guidance on how to  become more abundant, I received this message; Abundance is an energy that flows when you have love in your heart, love in your life. This love can be for any living thing: people, nature, Mother Earth, animals. Love brings an equalizing force to the ... Continue reading »

Prayer to heal your heart

Prayer to Heal the Heart  Mother, Father, God, creator of all that is,I respectfully request a healing today for my heart. I request that my heart be open to all the beings who live on planet Earth. Open to share my love and support. I ask that I am able to feel the  connection between myself and the wonderful energy of the source vibration of God.  I want to feel, sense, and know this connection is real.Let the power of love, compassion, and joy flow to me from ... Continue reading »