Life has taken a dramatic shift in my home. I got the inspiration earlier this year that we would either move or make our home more welcoming for people who have knee issues or problems walking up stairs. Of course I had a reason, my husband’s knees are tired and want some support. 

It’s hard to make changes without truly messing up what works for you now and that is where we are right now. We are in the tear down process which should only last two days. Next the plumber and electrician are coming to check everything over and give their okay to continue. 

But as you can tell from this picture we have issues. This space has been designated as storage since I moved in 13 years ago. My husband has lived here for 20 years longer than me and for the 7 right before I came he was alone. 

Now who’s to say how this was the design scheme for anything? Nor am I interested in learning all the things that lead us to this being a space in my home I tolerated for 13 years. 

Life is like that. Stuff happens. I wanted to share space with a man I love in peace. We both had things we kept from the past and we mostly bottled them up in this room. But now we are setting this all free and taking the space down to the studs.  We are even changing out original fuses in our old fashioned but fully functioning fuse box.

And so I find myself also being totally shaken up and rearranged to be more peaceful and efficient in design. Making choices and changes supporting both my home and me. Hopefully making life easier to maintain and control since I get to totally build from the bones of our home’s beautiful structure. Enhancing my own personal sense of power and connection to Source and my soul. 

I am excited! My husband is slightly anxious but hopeful and so my journey continues mirrored by the home I live in.  All of us enjoying a cleanse and rebirth. 

Sending prayers forward for an easy completion to this project.

Looking forward to sharing happy creations and happy times with my family, friends, and students in our new space.

Much love and many blessings to you and yours, 

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