Starting over from ground zero

Well, Here we are a month into a time of transition within my home, and I was right about the electricity. It is not up to code. Yep, not a surprise. What has been surprising is our lower level did not have any framing, insulation, or basic heat vents for most of the spaces. 

??? What? Is that possible to have walls without any real support like, framing, sheetrock, lots of other stuff I never knew about until this remodel? 

Wow!  So now what now?  

Well, I must share I did take the past week and sing my emotions out for several hours a day. Yes, being an empathic, psychic, spiritual healer and teacher, I reacted predictably with heavy emotions! Now I feel exhausted, and refreshed. Whew! Creating and maintaining a healthy body is tough when your home is in such distress, especially if you communicate with homes and such like I do. 

But my Pollyanna nature has risen. Here are my thoughts and my blessings.

  • Even though the site is now shut down until our electrician can come with his crew and do a complete rewire, (my home being the site of the project), I love the look of this new space.  
  • Today they are taking away the trailer with the tools. So, the lower level will be empty.  No sheetrock, no mudding, no paint, no ceilings or final floors. But, they did frame and add insulation. 
  • They were able to stain and finish the stairs and now they are so gorgeous I can’t envision covering up such beautiful wood with an oriental runner. But the cats have claws… 
  • Plus they are reconnecting the washer and dryer, although Gary has discovered a lovely laundry mat in No Hudson and a completely new one is opening up right by our Panera in Hudson very soon! Maybe today! 

Action steps that help!

It might be hard at first, but here are the steps I took to move from shock to horror. Then through I was right! Onto oh no now what? And finally being okay with this delay. 

  1. Taking time to find and count the blessings.
  2. Singing out emotions.
  3. Taking time to go and visit my lower level and envision the future. 
  4. Praying for the highest and best for all of us. 

But what is the message? 

As I close this latest note on how to live a spiritually connected life and create in partnership with source, let me share what I am learning.

  • I am grateful for my intuition and psychic abilities but somehow I still need to power on even knowing this will go different that expected! 
  • Life is always about change. Flow when you can. Sing when you need to. Share your best with others anyhow. After all, this probably isn’t their favorite thing either. 
  • No matter what, I will always feel more in control when I connect to my center of light within the akashic vibration of  Source.

Sending you love and light

I want to wish you and yours a wonderful holiday during this season of light. No matter how you celebrate, or what your beliefs or political views are, I send love and light to you. You and I are connected through our sacred connection to Source. 

It’s a good time to review your goals for 2019 and see if some changes are due to your foundation. Whether your foundational changes are spiritual in nature or more concrete like my house, it is always healing to release the past and know you are safe and whole in the light and love of Source. 

Blessings of light and love, 


But honestly, could you put a runner on that? 

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