Halloween is a special day for many of us who love to celebrate ancient earth holidays. It is a sacred day when the spirits of the souls who have died are closest to the earth. It is a time to remember our ancestors and also our choices for this life.

It is a great day to purge and release the darker vibrations but this is a process that can be done often when you feel the need to purify your connection to Source.

We play with them and release them to St Germain and the Flame of Transmutation. St Germain and the Flame help the vibrations realign with light and love of pure source.

Listen to St Germain and be attuned to the Universal Grid now! 

Then the next day is All Souls Day. Nov 1st we renew our commitment to Source and to the highest and best for all concerned.

Go back to the beginning;  a focused way to awaken

The Masters and I are going through some incredible guided visualizations created during our first two years of taking people to their temple of light within the akasha.

My primary reason was to introduce people to the akashic vibration of my friends, the master teachers. To help them establish a conscious connection to their guardian angel who helps you reach the vibration of your source, your soul.

This series of 10 guided visualizations will take you to Source, the Akashic Vibration of God, the Universe, all that is.

This class leads you to awaken in the akasha and use the tools we share; the flame of transmutation, the hallway of lifetimes, the library with your book of life or akashic record, your timeline, the emerald mirror, and many more. 

Come let us help you establish or recommit to your connection to Source. Learn more about our mystical course for awakened light beings who are choosing to become light worker’s for Source.

Learn more here! 

I would love to show you how to purge the darkness within you!

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