The Hallway of Lifetimes

My Mom and the Hallway of Lifetimes 


Change is the only constant in life. I had learned that lesson at a young age. I was 9 when my mother died. It was sudden, tragic, and final. A door was closed and the woman I knew as mom could no longer hold me and touch me.

But the spirit I knew as Carol was ever present. Watching, horrified, shocked. Until finally both my mom and I had calmed down to work within our new normal. The normal of the hallway between lifetimes.

The hallway of lifetimes is something I have always known. It represents the place we can go between incarnations to learn and understand our life experiences.


Akashic Records, Visions, Memories 


This image and tool has been with me today as I remember my mother, Carol. She was born Oct 11, 1928 in St. Paul, MN, 90 years ago. She died Mar 06, 1963 in a violent death arranged by her husband, my father. She was 34. 

She left behind 4 grieving children, two parents, and a husband no one knew could be that evil or devoid of feelings. He seemed so normal. A devoted and at times adoring husband and father. Whatever went wrong? 

We don’t know. That is not our story to tell. But going into the akasha and searching through records, visions, memories, we can understand the dynamics of what was occuring. 

This research helped me heal. Helped me heal scars, wounds, anger, hurt, bitterness. 

I didn’t heal in a pretty and quick way. My journey took decades and my body created some critical illness points to get my attention so I would rest, review, write. Release the past, heal the present, hope for the future.

Change is the only constant in life.


Working with Soul Healing and Vibrational Changes


As I have been working through this truth I find myself desiring an old fashioned healing. One that cleanses my soul and purifies my heart in the golden wisdom of source. 

So I created a healing video. I invited the masters to join me in this podcast and Archangel Uriel and Mother Mary came through. 



My mom and the many mothers in her divine tribe of women joined us as well as my Council of Light the Akashic Master Teachers.

Let’s honor my mother, and all the women, men, and children who are in abusive, violent situations that are unrecognizable to others. Let’s sit in silent prayer and peaceful meditation and offer our love and light to help heal our inner child and the child within the heart of mankind. 

Join me and together we will raise the vibration of love within the earth for the highest and best for all concerned. 





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