6765916Everyone and everything within the Universe is made up of vibrational energy. The core or center of your being is pure vibrational energy. Many people recognize this core as the Spirit. But you also have a Soul or Source energy that vibrates at a higher level when you are in a conscious connection with your Spirit and Body.

There are several ways to achieve the vibrational frequency of your Source. It is easy when you understand what it feels like. It is a feeling of bliss. Everything is okay. Everything is being handled. You can relax and know your unseen friends are with you. Helping you create a life you love. When you have been able to attain the feeling of bliss that comes with knowing every-thing is as it should be you can make the conscious choice to remember the feeling of vibrational bliss and imprint that upon your mind so you can come back to it later. Kind of like an energetic bookmark for your mind.

When you know how to control your mind and your energy you will be able to get into the vibration of your source easily. You will begin to feel free of anxiety and worry. You will naturally learn how to heal your body, mind, emotions and spirit. You will become confident you are creating your life in alignment with your soul’s purpose.

Within my free audio “Connecting to Your Soul’s Light” I lead you into the vibrational connection with your source so you can feel more relaxed and confident as you go through your day. To get a copy just go to my website MaggieChula.com and sign up for “Get Grounded: 5 Steps to Manifest your Dreams and Purpose Now!” You will also be signed up for my newsletters so you don’t miss any of my new classes and audios.

Opportunities to work with me and your Council of Light are opening up every day. So look for the right one that resonates with you and come with me on the journey of learning how to be consciously in connection with the Light of Your Soul and activate your Sacred Healing Wisdom.

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