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My Goddess Energy is Alive, Awake and ready to Teach!

energy_work_2I am making progress in my understanding of what is needed to teach the the coursework for the Akashic Vibration Process. My work and my own healing took some huge shifts when I took my first group of women into the Akashic Vibration, for my class Accessing the Goddess Within. It was our sixth journey to the Akasha together, and the first one without the male energy of our founding partners.

My life has not been the same since that class was channeled. My fellow sisters of the light helped me at the start of our journey to finally release the memories and feelings of fear I have felt being seen in the light as the channel and co creator of the Akashic Vibration Process.

This work and the attention it deserves has always scared me. It kicks up memories from this lifetime when I was 9 and my life shattered in a heartbeat. The heartbeat was my mother’s and it stopped beating due to actions of others. The affect was like a personal nuclear bomb went off. The life and lives of all who were impacted by this event has had a reverberating effect on many of us who are still incarnated within this Earthly plane of existence.

To be clear, before our journey that day, I had not made a choice or commitment to go public in the manner my friends the Archangels, Ascended Masters, Goddesses within the Akasha, were encouraging me to go. But the ladies were very comforting, and quite excited about another adventure into the Akashic Vibration.

When I started the channel something amazing happened. A deeply calming and wonderful energy flowed all around me that day. The earthly goddess channels who made up my fellow students and the spiritual goddess energy of all those wonderful feminine beings shown a light into my solar plexus chakra and in a blink of an eye transmuted the dark crystal which was in my solar plexus and had been working on healing and protecting my fragile human state, into a pure and vibrant Lemurian quartz crystal. 

I went home and performed a sacred contract and healing ritual between my human self and my soul wisdom that opened up the most incredible opportunity to be heard and step into the light using the technology of our times. I extended an offer of partnership to a beautiful soul and we set off to share this new wave of opportunity and expansion together.

Then another seismic shock shook my foundation to the core. This time through other members of my sacred Earth family. Wave after wave of changes have pounded through me the past few years, until I finally surrendered and gave into the fact, I am a channel of light and wisdom. I need to share this vibration of energy and light with others. I need to step out into the light in order to fulfill the next step in my soul’s evolution.

No matter what happens within this life, I am a beacon of light and I chose to always embody that truth. 

I have recommitted to the Master Teachers who have shared their love, wisdom, and light vibration with me. I have reconnected with the wisdom and energetic vibration of Gaia, Mother Earth. I am reclaiming my power to be a vibrational healing energy here on Earth. As I embrace my truth I am now feeling more centered, grounded, and focused than I have felt in years, maybe since that horrid day when my mother’s life blinked out.

While I am grateful and joyful to have this opportunity to be a teacher and channel for the Akashic Vibration, I extend this heartfelt thanks to the beautiful women and men, who have opened their hearts and offered me a safe place to express my feelings, thoughts, and channeled wisdom. You have made all the difference in this world to me, and to the healing that has taken place within my heart and soul. I will be forever grateful.

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