The Crystal Council offers a message of hope and encouragement.

I received this in January, 2012. It came through automatic writing. I found it again as I was working to clean up my files. I feel it is still a very timely message. I trust you will agree.

My prayer request

Maggie : Dear Mother, Father, God, creator of all that is, I ask for your guidance today and every day that I be open to the vibration of your heavenly angels. I desire to receive information on how to work with the multidimensional aspect of my own being in order to grow ever more aware of the true nature and aspect of my life within this physical expression of thought.

I am feeling overwhelmed with information from every angle and aspect of the human world and need to release and let go of all the noise and static so I may be better able to hear you and your clear transmissions.

I have heard that the world is in chaos and we need to prepare for dark days ahead even though we have ascended into this new level of energy. How can it be possible to be so amazingly light and full of happiness and love, while others around me are sensing only anger, depression and anxiety? What can I do to help my friends, family, and clients feel this incredible level of love and bliss you have allowed me to connect to and feel within the very fiber and tissue of my physical body?

Help me now as I go through this day discover the key to this doorway I am so familiar with. Please answer this message and help me to share the answer with everyone who could benefit from your wisdom and knowledge.

My answer from the Crystal Council of Light

Answer : My darling Maggie, I am always so pleased to hear from you. I know I sent my sons (Archangels Raphael, Michael, Metatron and Gabriel) to you this morning so you could be clear within the messages you have been receiving that this is a time to release everything from the past and let go of any preconceived thoughts and ideas of how the world works. What is coming in the future. So you will instead be focused on right now.

Right now you feel this wonderful connection and are able to write these words because you are clear. You have let go and you are ready to be absorbed by the light. You have recently let go of the fear of dark energy which was presented to you in a very personal way in your earliest days on this Earth.

The reason for the past and all the experiences that were shared with you and that you chose to experience, were so when you did come to this point you would have compassion for all people. Respect for the knowledge and wisdom they are learning and digesting along their life path. So you would be able to show love, compassion and respect for all who come to you for guidance and clarity on their lessons and issues.

This great darkness of anxiety and fear is a shadow or cloud of unknowing that is surrounding all human beings. It is put in your path to help you grow and turn inward. So you learn and discover for yourself the strength of your eternal being. I do not put this on You. You know this. But where there is a vibration of light there is the matching vibration of darkness.

Many times human beings fear the light and the promise of eternal bliss because you sense you will lose your individuality and become one with the Source. As the ascension process continues for all souls, you will  discover the greatness of being one with all that is. The bliss and happiness of knowing you have power over all you do, feel and sense because of your wonderful ability to think, to consciously know all is well.

Embrace and accept the shadow

It has been an eternity of light and dark and will always remain this duality. However when an individual soul develops the awareness they are part of this vast, Divine light they start the process of vibrating at a higher frequency. They became aware that even in this Divine dimension there is a shadow presence.

When you can learn to embrace and accept the shadow yet not be controlled by it, you are ready to become a light being. Not a light worker as is within the human archetypal pattern but a light being. An energy that is ever present where light is needed. When this process occurs then the fear of the shadow has been absorbed and transformed into an understanding that the shadow is part of the light and can not harm you.

It is at that time when the body is healed, the mind is clear and the life passion for creating love and harmony is restored to your body, mind, and spirit. This process and knowledge is how you release fear and let go of anxiety by transmuting it into the vibration of love and compassion.

Lighten your vibration and the universe will be lightened as well

This is the wisdom and light of grace. Go and share this. Be open and safe within your own mind that this message will be met with understanding and provide clarity to those who are able to release their fears and accept their shadows.

Lighten your vibration and energy and the ever expanding universe will grow as well with light and love.

This transmission has been from the Crystal Council who are a part of the group of light beings that are ever present within your universe to help with the ascension of each soul.

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