A message from Melody,  a Master Teacher for the Akashic Vibration .

Many days I wake up with music going through my head. Lots of music, like when I was a young child and sang all my answers to people. Back when I pretended I lived in an Opera.

It’s a wonderful way to wake up. It helps me as I go through my morning preparing for the day.

On one such morning, I was preparing to do a radio show, where I would channel a message. The topic for the show was “Celebrating You”. When it became my turn to channel a message, I heard music bubbling all around me. I found myself sharing my energy with a light being called Melody. The vibration we shared was amazing. She is a pure being of joy and light.


Healing from a different dimension of time

Melody does not come from this dimension of time. She comes from another vibrational frequency. She primarily speaks to people in tones, music, musical frequency. She has joined the Master Teachers, who are here to help me teach the Akashic Vibration Process. In her channel, she explains how by the use of this process, you learn how to access the wisdom of your soul. You are embraced in the vibrational hug of eternity.

Melody is from another dimension, another galaxy, and shared there are portals of time all around us.  Using the Akashic Vibration  Process to access your soul vibration you will learn how to use these portals to acccess other dimensions and galaxies within the akashic vibration of God.

The time has come for Earth and human consciousness to connect to the source of all that is and use the akashic vibration of God to create heaven here on Earth.

The Master Teachers are here to inspire, lead, and empower you to move through this vibrational shift with ease and grace through the use of the methods and tools they have created within the course work for Akashic Vibration process. These tools are designed to support you as you embrace the wisdom of your source and learn to live a life connected to your source vibration every day.


3 steps to help you contribute your best to the creation of Earth’s Akashic Vibration 

Here are 3 simple steps to help you contribute your light vibration.

  1. Wake up each day and embrace the beauty of life. Affirm “I am here. I will bring the best of myself to create bliss, ease and love within my life.”
  2. Inspire those around you to bring their best into the day. They will want the glow of peace and compassion your energy shares with them.
  3. Vow to help stop the madness of guns, violence, hatred of others by showing you do understand we are all connected. Together we can restore love and compassion as our measure of others, not judgement and cruelty.

Take time to celebrate your life. What do you do best? Make time to share that with the world. Make time to cultivate your best and share the best part of yourself with the world. Come join us. Together we are building a whole new Earth.

You can listen to her message and feel in touch with her akashic vibration of light and love here. 


Melody – We Celebrate You!

Melody’s message is celebrate being you! Affirm each morning who you are and what you are sharing within the world. Ask for guidance, clarity and support from your council of light beings. Take action and move towards your goals. Be grateful for your blessings. Practice love and compassion to all, including yourself.

My first book is a collection of channeled messages from the Akashic Master Teachers. This book does not include Melody,  or a complete list of the masters I work with, however it does provide a good place to start when working with Source and learning how to ignite your lightworker within.  Learn more about our book here.

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