All you need is love!

So many issues and problems facing the world right now. It seems as if the only thing happening in the world is more problems. We are experiencing extremes in storms and fires, boundaries in the law being redefined. Pressure to decide “one and for all” which side you are on.

I am not an expert on what is in the best interest of the world. But I do seek out the knowledge they can share. No, I do not profess to be an expert in all things. But I am an expert on the spiritual realm, self healing techniques, and the 3 C’s of Soul Healing.

You will receive access to my free course on Soul Healing when you become a part of my sacred tribe and register on the website. This site will eventuallly be the home for all products created through my partnership with the Akashic Master Teachers.

I decided long ago in order to heal my own life, I needed to learn ways to refocus my mind on how to create health and wellbeing within my body, mind, and soul. During my journey, I have made many connections within the world of vibration and the pure being state of oneness with source.

I offer classes that help you connect to the source of your soul, communicate with your soul wisdom, and create with the source of the universe.

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Let your heart lead the way

My latest focus in on Love, the Spiritual Healer. For this study, I have engaged my spiritual connections and asked for guidance to help us heal more fully on the vibrational tone of love. I am pleased to share two classes on this subject.


 Part 1 – Love, the Spiritual Healer 

Love is one of the best known emotions we have. It is also one of the best feeling emotions. It brings to mind the feeling of safety, security, happiness, acceptance, caring and compassion. But we all filter the love we perceive through filters we have developed over the years.

Come and listen to the wisdom of the Akashic Masters as they share information about love. Join in and experience a guided vibrational healing designed to help you feel the presence of love and know when there are barriers between you and the pureness of love.

Learn how to talk to the perceived feelings and get in touch and in tune with the heart of your soul vibration.


Part 2 – Building Loving Partnerships     

Ah, love. The beautiful expectations. The amazing intensity of feelings. The heightened perception of knowing the other person is around in your energy field and in your thoughts. Yet love can also be compassionate, a mutual respect for each other, sharing mutual goals. Or maybe the comfort of getting together with people you know and feel safe with.

Join Maggie and her team of master teachers as they share wisdom on the many levels and ways we build partnerships. Learn how to identify partnerships along with the sacred contracts and lessons they bring.

Knowledge brings power, self-power. Step into a higher partnership with your own team of master teachers and stay in conscious understanding of where each partnership is within the natural life cycle of human experience.

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Focus on love and expand that vibration

Anything you put your focus on, expands within your soul vibration. In our pure state we are all loving beings. Sometimes it is tough to remember that. If you feel you could use some loving guidance, I hope you will consider joining me for one of these classes.