Is it Time for Soul Healing?

Soul Healing may be just what we need!

*** this article was published in OmTimes Magazine Feb 27, 2017

Is mankind on a path to annihilation and the destruction of earth? Or are we at a point where we are in need of healing our connection to God and understanding ourselves as soul beings?

We are at a point in our existence where we can witness the destruction we have caused Earth. Our soul wisdom is asking us to view this path to extinction for so many species including ourselves. We are called to recognize our responsibilities and consciously adjust our actions and live in harmony with the many beings who choose to inhabit this planet.

The urgency for change is shared with us in news reports and pictures taken from many corners of the globe. It is easy to find and for many of us very disturbing to view. All areas of the earth have been impacted. There are massive weather changes, earthquakes from fracking, areas of the earth underwater or on fire, and sink holes that swallow up homes and buildings. How much longer will we deny that these events have been caused by our own actions?

We are able to see the mass destruction of our choices, yet we are still unclear how to proceed as a global community. Even incapable of agreeing that there is a need to do so.


Soul Healing for Ourselves and our Planet

Some of us get a sense of comfort from the belief that the earth can heal if only we discontinue some of our actions. For example, the belief: if we stop fracking there will be fewer earthquakes in that part of the globe. But since we do not know the extent of the harm done, this may not be true.

While it can be comforting to think God will step in and stop our destructive path, it is time to own up to our choices, changing our behavior towards other life forms. This is a wake-up call from our collective soul.

We need to own our part and find ways to stop the destruction. With the conscious knowledge our old ways are not working, we can do what humans do best: work together to resolve our differences. Brainstorm ideas and solutions for change. Establish protocols to rebuild an earth that is sustainable and considers the effect on all living beings.


The Time for Denial is Over; Time to make a Choice

Gone are the days, when we were absolved of our responsibilities by ignorance of the consequences of our actions. We have lived too long in a state of denial. It is time to view our actions as part of the changes taking place within the Earth’s atmosphere.

The condition of our planet is not a product of one country’s actions, or of unbalanced minds being in control. It is the result of hundreds of years of ignorance about the Earth as a living being who sustains many species of life. And the result of our human ego believing we are the most important life form in the universe.

The time to make a choice has come. Will you be part of the group that chooses to work to rebuild our way of life to be one of sustenance and abundance for all? Or will you choose to continue to believe there is a fixed number of resources within this earth and they should be used for what is needed now? Tomorrow will take care of itself.

Learning to live and create life in a way that works for the highest and best of all concerned takes a mental shift in how we work and interact with all aspects of life. While each of us may feel powerless to make significant efforts to help bring about this new paradigm, the truth is we are the only ones who can make this happen.


Our Spiritual Connections Lead to Soul Healing

One tool to help know this truth is to heal our connection to God. No matter what you perceive this vibration to be, healing that connection will help create the energetic shifts that allow well-being to permeate your vibration. Since we are all connected through the vibration of God, healing on an individual basis does have an effect on the collective vibration of Earth.

Mankind is a dominating presence on Earth and we have caused great destruction. As a species, we can redeem our collective soul and establish healing methods that will create the necessary path to respect the rights of all living beings to live in peace and harmony.

Each of us who makes the choice to be a part of the solution and heal our connection to God will also start on a healing journey for our soul. This healing journey while never completed will be a continuing source of comfort for us, and for our world.

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