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Ignite your passion for life!

Time to Transform?

Do you need inspiration? 

Do you ever wonder what is the meaning of life? Life can be okay, maybe even terrific at times, but what is it all for? Have you felt somewhere deep inside, you were meant for more? Life has more to offer?

Do you sense a new feeling of awareness calling you to come learn more? Do you sense a clock has gone off and is shouting, stop! No more. No more life as we know it. No. It’s time to embrace change.


Time to change! 

I received this signal about 15 year ago. I wasn’t prepared for the journey my life would take once I chose to stop my career to study this inner mystical wisdom and understand what it wanted me to know.

My initial motivation was my heath. I was always fragile, sick, fighting some disease. I knew I was successful with many of the stages of my illness, but I was tired of being limited by it.

I had a passion to live life fully. Make happiness a priority. Build a life supporting implementing my visions and goals for the future.


An inner passion was ignited! 

This passion helped me create a healthier life style.

  • I saw miraculous results from the power of learning how to control my mind.
  • How simple methods helped me dramatically improve my physical health after western medicine failed me.
  • How I was able to take the belief I could flow in divine health and wellbeing, and create it within my physical body.
  • With a bonus, life became calm, instead of chaotic.


Now I am ready to show you how to do this as well.


I invite you to come and learn how to finally let go of grief, anxiety, stress, anger, outrage, fear. How to embrace the love and compassion that flows like a river of wellbeing from the source of all that is.


Take a journey to wellness for all levels of your life.

  • Explore the afterlife, life between lives, past lives.
  • Learn how to connect, communicate, and create with source.
  • Build a partnership with your soul and your Council of Light.


This course is for you if:

  • You know, sense, or feel there is more to life than what you can perceive with your normal senses.
  • Long to live a peaceful, loving life.
  • Desire waking each morning looking forward to the day.
  • Your inner wisdom is sharing, it’s time.
  • You are done being sick and tired, and want to change


This course will help you accomplish all of these goals and many more.  Best part, at the end of our time together, you will know how to bring your best to the universe in service to your soul’s purpose.


Learn more and enroll now!


The Akashic Vibration 2018 webinar starts on the Spring Equinox, March 20th. If it’s time, this course will help you achieve your goals.


Together we will celebrate the Summer Solstice, welcoming in our new awareness for creating life in partnership with our soul, and the source vibration of all that is, God.



Sign up for my free webinar and take the next step in your journey towards conscious awakening to the power of your soul.

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