Energy Work with Maggie Chula

Endings and Beginnings

Energy Work with Maggie ChulaThis past year I have been very busy processing changes within my work and my life. Last year ended with my husband being rushed into surgery. During his surgery we learned his coronary heart disease had progressed and he needed many stents to treat the narrowed arteries around his heart. This came as a complete surprise to us because 10 days before he had received a letter from his doctor that his blood work and annual physical showed he was in good health.

The surgery to implant stents into his arteries took so long the doctors had to stop and allow his body to detox from the dyes used within the surgical process. His body needed two weeks for this detox and the second surgery was scheduled for Jan 3rd making his surgical procedure the focus of our lives for both the end of 2013 and the beginning of 2014.

I was shocked when the doctors shared how extensive his heart disease was because I had been sending healing energy to his heart regularly. He had a history of heart disease before our marriage and I wanted to share my process for healing and maintaining my body with him. I was assured by his doctors his heart was very healthy in fact the strength of his heart was how he survived the first round of surgery.

Which got me wondering, why didn’t our energy work help his arteries? I asked my Council of Light to help me understand and here is their response.

When you focus on a particular issue such as the health of his heart you are directing the energy to a specific part of the body. Instead if you visualize him in the light of his Source and pray to share your healing energy with him you allow his Source to direct where your healing energy goes.

When that information came through I realized I had been directing where the healing energy should flow. While there are times when that seems important such as a broken bone there is a stronger need to bring the healing energy of your Source into your body on a daily basis. I also realized this event had brought a needed clarity of focus to my healing work.

I have been more diligent this year on working with my own daily process: connecting to the light of my Soul, clearing and cleansing my energy, staying in a state of gratitude. I also made the decision to channel the voices of the Master Teachers on a regular basis. Now when I connect up to their energy, I opened up and share my ability to be a trance channel. I had been keeping my connection open but had felt the need to control their energy and information. Today I have let go of the illusion I need to be in control. Working with these magnificent teachers and sharing their messages has been the highlight of my year.

What happened to Gary was a shock for both of us but it brought us together as a couple in our determination to create a healthier lifestyle. I have added more exercise to my daily routine and Gary has focused on healthier eating habits. Gary also added some simple energy work into his daily routine. I have modified and expanded my own daily process to add focusing on being in the energy of my Source and allowing the healing light to penetrate every layer of my being. Working together we have been able to sustain our new habits.

I feel we are better prepared for whatever God has in store for us this coming year. I wish you the same level of self confidence with your life events. I hope you do have a daily process of connecting to the light of your Soul and sharing your Source energy with your body. I pray we are all growing in our ability to create and maintain a healthy life.

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