OpenTheDoorwayProject Life: Create a template for your life

A  Spiritual Healing and Psychic Development course created by the Master Teachers of the Akasha.

Awaken your Magical Child and come learn the Language of Your Soul!

This course is being redesigned and will be offered as a self study with support from Maggie and the Master Teachers. It will take you from the level of Awakening to your Higher Wisdom and discovering your Life Purpose to becoming a 21st Century Mystic, Psychic, Vibrational Healer and Teacher for others.  The course is taught in 4 Levels. When you have gone through all 4 levels you will be able to manifest your goals and visions and live the life you desire in alignment with your Soul’s Light.

Your life will include:

  • Balance and well being within all the parts of your multi dimensional Self
  • Bringing more of your Soul essence into your Life
  • Activating your 21st Century Mystic and sharing that part of yourself with the world
  • Knowing you can manifest your goals and visions for your Life.
  • Dialoguing freely with your Council of Light. Trusting the information you receive to help you and the people who look to you for leadership and guidance.
  • Knowing your Star Vibration and working with your Galactic Council of Light.
  • Being the Mystical Leader and Visionary you know in your Soul you are.
  • Teaching others the same processes and methods you are now actively using within your life every day.

Open the Doorway to Your Soul: The Akashic Vibration Process

Certification Level 1 – Project Life

The first level of the certification process is Project Life: Come with a Problem Leave with a Plan. In this course you will focus on your life and becoming more aware of this life as the greatest project your Soul is working on right now.

The 3 modules for Project Life are:

  • Energetics 101 – Learn the 9 Steps towards understanding you as a multidimensional being.
  • Your Personal Blueprint – To take ownership of your life. Know and understand how you are the Architect of your Life
  • Awaken Your Magical Child – Learn how to work with the magical properties of your Soul. Use your imagination to bring your life into balance and harmony.

I’d like to thank you once again for teaching your Akashic Records Initiation class this past Saturday. It was a truly enlightening experience, and I believe it has opened a special new door for me. Also, thank you for answering all my questions regarding the subject. It fascinates me to no end! 🙂

I look forward to checking out the digital download from the class! I also look forward to more classes about the Akasha. Thanks!

–Igal V

I just wanted to thank you for sharing your talent and skill as a teacher and mentor to others. After the Beginning Energy class I attended my skills at becoming aware of my Higher Wisdom and Guidance was greatly enhanced. So much so that my daughter has accused me of reading her diary! LOL. I didn’t know she had one but I am glad I feel more comfortable opening up and sharing some of my concerns with her. It has made us both feel more connected and the amazing part is, she now opens up to me and we talk more about things like Angelic Guidance. I feel more relaxed allowing her to make decisions and understanding she too has guidance.   Thank you so much.


The kick off for Level 1 certification course starts May 21, 2015. Format for the classes will be webinar and self study format. The class kickoff will be a weekend retreat where all the modules will be introduced.  More information will be coming very soon.


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