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Create a Successful Life Using Creative Visualization

(Article published in Aspire Magazine September 28, 2015) Success and Failure Road Sign with dramatic clouds and sky.

Have you ever wanted to push the envelope and really open up your creative juices and let them flow?

Do you know the feeling of the wonderful energy that pours through you when you are in the zone and creating with your mind?

If you know this feeling you will also know how marvelous and freeing it is to be able to just allow your mind to flow and create simple or elegant and elaborate visions. These visions are sometimes referred to as daydreams.

Did you know these visions or daydreams are using the same energy and process that created everything in our world?

Your mind is a powerful ally that will help you create the life you want to live. In fact anything your mind can visualize or create can be manifested within the material world. Why is this? Because at our base we are pure vibrational energy. In fact the only real thing about this world is what our mind perceives and shares with our brain.

The human brain can not distinguish between what is “real” and what is imagined. This has been proven time and again. That is why creative visualization can help you expand your life, your world and your experiences through the power of harnessing your mind and helping to shape how you perceive and interact within the world around you.


What is Your True Path?   Upnorth-sm

(Article published in Aspire Magazine July 2,2015)

Many of us are searching for our true path, our purpose for living within this Earth. It can be a hard and lonely struggle to live each day and not only survive but thrive. It helps us when we connect with others and when we remember that we are creating our life experience and helping our soul grow and evolve.

Each and every day is a gift to live, grow and develop within this wonderful world.

Sometimes our thoughts move into the past when we felt we had no control over the events that happened in our life. This can be very painful but we must remember that we only have today. The past has no hold or power over us except what we give to that past memory.

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Release Limiting Thoughts

(This is an article published in Aspire Magazine)

We have been privileged to experience a wonderful time of change, regeneration and rebirth. The earth has been shifting into a new vibrational alignment within our solar system. The human species has been shifting into a new expanded awareness of who we are and what our purpose is within this ever-evolving universe.

Now that the earth energy is vibrating at a new level and we have shifted our thoughts, expanded our understanding we are spiritual beings experiencing a physical life, we are being shown how our fears, doubts and limiting thoughts are keeping us stuck in a creation of chaos and confusion.

We are being shown we need to release our inner shadow thoughts to make room for a new expansive understanding on how we are all connected and aligned together as a species. We are connected through our shared experience of being in a physical body on planet Earth. We are connected at our Soul level within the Universal energy of God.

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