We are in the era of transformation!

Change is inevitable. Change is the only thing you can count on to occur in your life. Change will transform your life and create ripples that will resonate in your life forever.

It is inevitable. It can be very healing. Yet, for many of us it is something we fear. We agonize over.

We ask ourselves, what will the future look like for our children? What is happening  to the planet? Why is my life spinning out of balance?

Are you looking for answers?

If you are looking for support and want to learn a few skills that would help you get moving forward within your life towards a goal that gets you excited,  I know a few spiritual tools that I learned as I have worked through many issues within my life.

Some of us have found tools that have helped us feel more in control of our lives and our destiny. I would like to introduce you to a few of my favorites.  Share with you a few simple steps to use to establish an opening protocal to use when you work with these spiritually transformative skills.

Can you imagine what you may create when you take the next step in your transformation?

Tools for transformation 

In this class, which is recorded and available for viewing at anytime, the tools shared are: 

  • Your imagination
  • the Disney technique
  • creative visualization 
  • building a sacred circle / crystalline grid 
  • channeling your soul wisdom 

Join me during this transformational time.  Learn how to feel the love and support your Council of Light is sharing with you. Gain a greater understanding of how you can co create your outer world to better reflect the world you see within your imagination. Learn the language of your Soul and know you are listening to Sacred Wisdom.

Sign up for the class now! This link will take you there. 

Still wondering if this class is for you? This video is of a podcast I made for experts.omtimes.com online learning platform. In it I share information about the tools and you can get a better sense of me and my energy.

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