newmoonThe Akashic Master TeachersĀ are here now to help you learn how to dialogue with your sacred soul wisdom.

The Akashic Master Teachers who have been working through me include many of the Archangels, Ascended Masters, known Goddesses and Mother Earth – Gaia. They are all coming through now as individual beings to help you understand you are connected to each and every one of them.

When you begin to open up and truly take responsibility for all of your choices, it will help to know you have many divine beings available to you. It will help to know you can connect with them to help you gain clarity, compassion and understanding for yourself and how you are living your life.

Each one of these beautiful beings have shared they are still growing and learning, evolving in their connection to the source of all that is. It might be a new thought to you, that Archangels areĀ still evolving and growing, but when you do realize you are a part of everything that exists, it becomes easier to see how your growth will have an effect on the whole universe and the energy of life.

I invite you to read the blogs within this site. Listen to the podcasts from the Akashic Master Teachers. They are here now, available to anyone who takes the time to tune in, ask questions and express a desire for help.

This is a transformational time. We do need to understand how our actions are affecting what is happening in our life and most importantly, how we do have the power to make dramatic and empowering changes.

I invite you to join in this dialogue with the Akashic Master Teachers and learn how to work with your sacred soul wisdom to create a physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual life, that will uplift and inspire you to bring your best into the world each and every day of your life.

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