Time to Transform?

Changing and shifting with the times 

This season of eclipses has pushed me to rethink, rescript, rebrand, rebirth my soul’s passion to work helping light beings heal. I know it sounds odd, I want to help light beings, but since I have been working with Source and the Master Teachers in one form or another all my life, I am acknowledging this truth, I work with light beings.

I have been through enormous shifts in consciousness and my vocabulary within the soul language of light has continued to expand. I am actively updating the glossary of terms located within our course work for light beings.  You will find it here. 

I know changes are confusing. Changing times are confusing and they bring changes in our language. Here are a few to help you understand more clearly our definition for the awakened soul, light being, and human light being.

What is an Awakened Soul? 

An awakened soul knows they are a divine spark of life created from the Source vibration of God. They have accepted their part in the creation of life and are a conscious, awake partner with Source.

What is a Light Being? 

A Light Being is an enlightened being who has developed the natural skill of working within the akashic vibration of Source. They know they are multidimensional and have gained conscious access to their light skills. Every Master Teacher is also a light being. 

What is a Human Light Being? 

When you learn to embrace and accept the shadow yet not be controlled by it, you are ready to become a light being. Not a lightworker, but a light being. An energy that is ever-present where light is needed. When this process occurs, then the fear of the shadow has been absorbed and transformed into an understanding that the shadow is part of the light and cannot harm you.

It is at that time when the body is healed, the mind is clear and your passion for creating love and harmony is restored to your body, mind, and spirit.

Glossary found in our published book, Open the Doorway to your Soul.

Light Channel for Source 

The methods and knowledge found in the Light Channel for Source certification course shows you how to release fear and let go of anxiety by transmuting it into the vibration of love and compassion.

This is the wisdom and light of grace.

If you are currently experiencing anxiety, stress overload, or have physical limitations and you do believe in a higher power within this universe, I recommend you take a look within our website for awakened souls, AkashicVibration. You will find many tools to help you move forward with the confidence you are not alone, you do have a purpose for this life, and you are a part of the divine vibration of God.

Enjoy each day and know you are blessed! 

Blessings of love and light, 

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  1. I’m getting light being helpers makeing my life hell. Y is that.? Trying to stop my growing. There makeing hate . Sarow. Fighting. Etc.

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