Meeting someone who shares an important message

I met a young nun many years ago who helped me shift my understanding of God. I was a teenager and she was a friend’s older sister who had recently joined a convent. She understood I was struggling to find my reason for being alive. I wanted to understand why I knew there was more for me to do in this life. I didn’t want to waste the lessons from my childhood.

She shared, “today is the first day of the rest of your life. If you take each day as a new beginning, and at the end of the day review your lessons and choices, eventually you will build a life you want to live filled with people you love.”

Today I know she was speaking God’s words to a soul yearning for connection to God, to Source. 

Recognize and trust the message

I am proud I took those words to heart and changed my understanding and connection with Source. I learned my soul wanted to connect with my source vibration and feel bathed in the light of God. I listened to the voices that spoke to me and showed me how to attain this level of connection.

Teaching other light beings

Now I teach a course for other light beings who know they are more than the sum of the life they have lead so far and they are ready to move forward with a deeper, stronger understanding of their connection to the source vibration of the akasha and the light language of the soul.  

The benefits of working within a pure connection to source will be felt in the body, mind, emotions, spirit and the deepest level of the soul.

As you move gently back into vibrational alignment with your source, you will also learn mindful methods with simple steps to help keep you centered and grounded in your daily life while also using your light skills to work with source and create peace, harmony, loving connections, manifesting your goals and visions for the future, today.

Learn more about this transformational course designed for light beings and awakened souls.

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