Many people have shared humanity is going through an ascension process. What does this mean for you and your life? According to the vibrational beings who channel wisdom through me this ascension process is a form of expansion for your consciousness.  An energetic push from your Soul to wake up and admit you are more than the life you are living here on Earth.  Wake up and become consciously aware of the part of you that dwells outside your physical body. The part of you known as your Soul.  You are being guided to expand your ability to consciously connect to the Source of your being and to use your Soul’s wisdom to create your life on Earth.

In the past you have not been trained to acknowledge or use this part of your mind. You have been taught and encouraged to support an understanding only select people have a connection to the Universal Source of God. As your ability to connect to the wisdom of your Soul grows and expands you are waking up and challenging this man made truth.

Today many of you do understand there is a higher intelligence controlling the Universe and you are connected to this vibration through your Soul. You are opening up to the understanding there are other beings around you. Beings without a body who can communicate with you as you are learning how to communicate with them. These pure vibrational beings are known as angels and ascended masters.

This article has been published in Edge Magazine Feb 2015. Read the entire article here

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