Ascension_TransformationMany years ago I found myself desiring a new way to live and expand my life experiences. At the time my life was spiraling out of my control and I wanted to focus on what I could do to bring happiness and joy back into my life. I had decided it was time to open up and allow the universe to share with me where I should go and what I could do to make my life more meaningful while also contributing to the greater good for mankind.

I wanted to rededicate myself and my life to a path that would bring happiness and joy not just to my life but to the lives of the people who came into contact with me. I sat down and created a prayer that I could use to express this dedication of heart and spirit.

Working with this prayer helped me change not just the focus of my life but the way I experienced each day moving forward. I found myself feeling more energized. I looked for signs from the Universe that would point me towards a new step on my life’s journey as I returned to a focus of love and acceptance for everyone in my life.

It has been 12 years since I wrote the prayer that changed my life and helped me move from a career as a Project Leader within an international corporation to a Spiritual Teacher sharing my ability to be a trance channel for the Master Teachers of the Akasha.

I have found a level of peace and love for myself and my life I only imagined existed. I am sharing this prayer with you now in the hopes you may also be supported and guided by the Universe and grow within the beautiful expression of your soul you came here to share with all of us.

Listen to the prayer as you read this

Ascension Prayer for Transformation

I ask the universal energy to be with me now and help me as I work through my quest for movement within my life. I have been stuck in a time of transition and I am ready to open to the universe and share more of my talents and abilities.

I ask the universal energy to be with me now as I move through the transition and into the light of clarity and refinement. I am a student always with the universe and the lessons it has to share. I am ready to open to the universe and expand my mind and intellect as I take in more of the wonders on how the energies of the universe interact with the energies of the Earth.

I ask the universal energy to be with me now and help me stay on my path of transition and transformation as I step out of this level of existence and knowledge and step into the next level of understanding. I am accepting of the responsibilities this expanded knowledge and clarity bring and I am expectant in the conclusion of this final step into a new level of understanding.

I ask the universal energy to be with me now and guide and transform me so I may always be an instrument of change and transition for everyone I meet and have a chance to share this knowledge and wisdom.

I ask the universal energy to be with me as I also continue to share and be transformed by the people who are brought into my life who share their wisdom and knowledge with me.

By everything I am I choose to be an instrument of light and love within this plane of existence. Help me to remember who I am and to live my life in a conscious and moral way.

2 thoughts on “Welcome in the New Year”

  1. Thank you so much for sharing this prayer. I too like you were, am stuck in a period of change. I can sense it just within reach but just not happening.

    How often should this prayer be said ?

    Love and Light


    1. Say this prayer as often as you feel would be helpful. The primary thing to remember is to say it with your heartfelt intent to allow the Universal Energy to show you the way. Follow your instincts and let your Council of Light guide you.

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