When you are learning how to work with your higher wisdom there are several tools that will help you. One of those tools is allowing yourself to feel emotions. Learning how to assess your emotions about what is happening within your life can be your greatest asset as you learn how to manifest and create your life.

Your manifestations will be a combination of what you want, what you desire and how you truly feel about your request. Your true emotional responses are known to your Source. If something is bothering you or you are asking for things that you feel other people want for you, you will not be in alignment with joy and what you create in your life will be out of tune with your own well being.

In the book “Ask and it is Given” by Ester Hicks, the disembodied spirit she channels (whose name is Abraham) shared information on how to use your emotional guidance system to help you figure out where you are on a feeling or emotional level, about the situations within your life.

As long as you are moving up the emotional guidance scale you are making progress in your ability to stay in control of your life and your actions.

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