Are you searching for something to help you feel better? 

Many people are searching for something to help them feel better. Whether we are upset with things in our private life, changes happening to our society, or concerned about the Earth, it seems like nothing will help us feel happy or content again. No one is hearing the collective screams of our souls.

What the heck is going on and how can we find relief? How do we continue to believe life is getting better when the news is full of issues and problems?

Some of us have found a sense of relief, but it seems as we go through the day our mind gravitates to the worse information or emotion we have felt since we woke up. As if our mind is seeking out the darkness and waiting to be rescued by an explosion of light permeating our being and bringing the comfort we seek.

While this does work for some, for the majority of us, we are out of luck. Each day is another ding to our mind, a blow to our body, and a disconnect to our soul. This has to stop. But how?

Basic steps to soul healing


There is a way that has been evolving as we become more aware of the intricate way our energies co mingle and cause us distress. Connecting to the life force we share, the source vibration of God, is a necessity to obtain and sustain the health of our soul. It is the basic ingredient to healing our life, our body, and sustaining mental health.

The best part of this basic ingredient for healing on a soul level is, it is free, simple, and easy. Connecting to the source vibration is as easy as breathing in the breath of life.

Using the imagination to envision each breath as a gift from God helps the mind and body relax. We instinctively know we need oxygen to maintain our bodies. We know air is life, air is healing. Embracing this wisdom as we breathe helps our body receive each breath as a healing vibration, slows down the distress signals from the brain, and calms the nervous system.

Another simple way to help our self and the people we love feel better right now, is to feel love for our life. Love for life everywhere we encounter it. If we also use our imagination to envision this love flowing to us from the source of God, through us to others, and surrounding our world in an infusion of pink energy, we will also feel better. Our vibration will be lifted, and our bodies will relax.


What are the next steps?

Our soul journey to heal our bodies and our mental state, will continue through our lifetime and for many lifetimes to come. It makes sense then, to learn these simple ways to maintain a basic state of health for our connection to our soul. But there is more we can do than just maintain our health. There are many tools we can find to heal our past and acknowledge the lessons we have learned throughout our soul’s existence.

Becoming congruent in our thoughts and emotions is the next level of healing our soul. The beauty of our soul wisdom is there are many ways to heal. The journey is as infinite as our own true being. Each of us will be drawn to ways that suit our beliefs best. The greatness of our divine nature will help us to find the right way for us. We are encouraged to use our imagination to help create a world that reflects the desire of our heart. We are partners in the creation of this universe and that is also our guiding light to divine health and well-being.

We are asked to use our own soul wisdom to tap into our higher vibration of love and light, and allow this essence to permeate our being. By excepting our part in the divine creation of life and embodying our soul vibration more each day, we are also helping mankind evolve. We become an active partner in the amazing force for good that exists and heals life.

Take comfort in the knowledge that we are eternal beings. We continue to exist even after our physical body can no longer sustain life. Use this wisdom to restart life to be one in service to the soul. The more we can learn about life within the soul’s existence, the easier it will be to release doubts, fears, anxiety.

By working with our soul’s wisdom we can bring peace to our mind, health to our body, and sanity to our collective experience of life on Earth.

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