Accept the shadow

When you learn to embrace and accept the shadow, yet not be controlled by it, you are ready to become a light being.

Not a lightworker as is within the human archetypal pattern, but a light being.

A light being brings light to all areas in need through their focused attention and desire to share love and compassion with all that is.

The shadow is part of the light

The shadow has no power of its own. The only power granted to the shadow, comes from your awareness of it.

When this awareness occurs, your fear of the shadow has been absorbed and transformed into understanding. Then the shadow becomes part of the light and cannot harm you.

Restore harmony to your systems

When you accept where there is light there is shadow, plus you understand the shadow has no power of its own, your mind becomes clear and harmony is restored to your connection with Source.

Then you may choose to allow your vibration to be ignited by the light as your passion for creating love and harmony expands and grows.

This is the process and alchemy to release fear and let go of anxiety, you observe it, acknowledge your feelings, then release the fear and allow source to transmute the vibration back to the pure tones of love and compassion.

This is the wisdom and light of Source.

— the Master Teachers of the Akasha as channeled through Maggie Chula

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