I recently experienced a baptism by fire!

As I prepared to become a channel of light, and welcome Dr. Martin Luther King to my weekly podcast to share an inspirational message on a day we honor him, my hearing turned off. I lost my ability to hear 5 mins before the podcast started, and I had to go on faith I was connected to the akashic vibration of source, and the podcast would record. The words flowing through me could be heard.

Dr. King did indeed come through, and his message was inspiring, thought provoking, and clear. I’ve listened to it twice. From my perspective I was bathed in the flame of transmutation (a tool we use in the Akashic Vibration classes), and it took 15 minutes after the podcast ended, before my hearing was restored. This episode did not affect my eyes or mind, only my ability to hear.

When Dr King finished I was aware I should take a phone call and in the hopes my hearing would return, I did. But I still couldn’t hear anything.

Then a new voice stepped forward.

My voice as Reverend Chula. A voice that has been growing for years, but damped by my own fears. I didn’t know at the time of the podcast this was my own voice. I was being baptized by the grace and light of God and by the presence of Dr King within my sacred circle of light.

My Council shared it is time.  I have studied spirituality, and all aspects of divine life since my earliest memories. My work with the Akashic Master Teachers and the divine source of God has continued to grow and expand. It was time to change once more to allow for more of my spirit to come forward and be heard.

I accepted a new aspect to a sacred contract I made light years ago.  To come here and share with others sacred wisdom – how to connect, communicate, and create in partnership with the akashic vibration of source – with God. 

Part of this new aspect is a renewed desire to teach sacred wisdom, methods, and processes.

Spiritual Connections  within the Akashic Vibration

If you have anything you would like guidance on, I would love to hear from you. I look forward to sharing with you these amazing Master Teachers and their words of wisdom for today.

Blessings of love and light, 

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