Do you need a shortcut to go from stuck to hopeful?

Have you ever felt stuck? As if taking a step forward would just bring new issues and problems so why not stay where you are? I know this feeling very well. It still happens at times. Sometimes the question on how to move forward is tied to my personal life and sometimes it more about the work I do. Either way, the feeling of being stuck feels very real. It is in those moments, that I have a cheat sheet for life.

Yes, there are cheat sheets or shortcuts, but most of us need to discover them for ourselves. Having someone show us a shortcut that works for them, usually won’t work for us until we understand our motive for wanting to change.

Journaling provides guidance

One of my shortcuts for change is having a daily routine that supports my connection to God. My connection to my own soul wisdom and Council of Light. I also use energy exercises to ensure my energy is clear and flowing. But the greatest shortcut I have found for true spiritual and soul growth is to keep a journal. This journal is more than a diary or a task list.

The journal I have shares dreams, goals, visions, moments that stand out as answers to the questions I ask my council.  I strive to work within this journal daily but it doesn’t always happen. Yet, I know not to discard this process just because I miss a day. 

Writing in my journal to find work that made me feel I was supporting my soul’s purpose, turned into automatic writing, which led to channeled work using my voice and allowing the vibrations to flow through me as a trance channel.

Life is always changing

I didn’t lay out steps and boundaries to move from being bored within my work to become a spiritual minister and trance channel for God’s divine wisdom. My goal was to find work that would allow my connection to spirit and positive nature to be a strength and not a fluffy social skill. When you work in a logic based world, feelings and emotions get in the way.

Life changes as you change. If you desire something more, you need to shake up your normal routines and try something new. I promise you will be rewarded with a more fulfilling life if you take the first step and use a spiritual tool to support your transformation.

I invite you to listen to Spiritual Tools for Transformation on Maggie’s Spiritual Connections podcast. 

Remember, step forward in faith, be rewarded with miracles.

Blessings of love and light, 

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