The past few weeks have had me looking backward in my healing journey to understand where I am today. My journey to health and well-being took me off the normal path of working with the western medical professionals and instead searching for alternative methods to help me heal my body and mind. I had given up on being able to handle my deep emotions and realized I would just have days, weeks, of sobbing.

I tried to work with my doctors to get well but from birth struggled with mysterious illnesses and obvious signs I didn’t think like normal people. I spent many long stretches of time alone with my guides and angels. We didn’t have an internet and  for long periods of my life my eyes couldn’t see well enough to read. 

So I learned to rely on my imagination, creativity, and desire to build a life that worked for me. 

It wasn’t until I was my teens that I discovered hypnosis, and energy healing. Up until that time I worked within the knowledge of my education with my grandmother. We did energy exercises like the ones taught today. She believed in messages from spirit so sharing those activities were fine. Until her daughter was murdered. 

Yes, there are many tangled edges to my story that always lead back to two amazing vibrational teachers; Grief, the Spiritual Teacher and Love, the Spiritual Healer. 

So I decided to create two classes to help share my knowledge of how to work with these two vibrational akashic master teachers to build peace, love, wellbeing within your daily life which brings about health, contentment, and happiness. 

Grief, the Spiritual Teacher and Love, the Spiritual Healer, are two powerful master teachers I have worked with since birth.  I can happily share, they have helped me build a happy, loving, home. I know they will help you too!

I invite you to check out our store and receive support for your spiritual healing.

Blessings of light and love, 

Come, get started now! Your Soul is waiting. 

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