butterfly3Last week I was blessed to use my ministerial skills and officiate a wedding. This week I prepared to attend a memorial service.
Which one of these is more important in a person’s life? I believe they are  equally important. They are both celebrations within the sacred circle life.

When a couple decides to take on the commitment and obligations of marriage, that is a sacred ceremony. One to be honored and thought through. It is hoped that both people expect this to be their union until they are no longer physically alive.

When a person transitions into the spiritual realm as a pure spirit being, they let go of all their earthly ties and obligations. They are shown how their actions impacted the course of life for others.

Somehow in my mind these two are very related. Each reflected back into the events of the other.

When you marry, on the day of your wedding, you are reflecting on the commitment of honoring another as your life mate.

When you cross over into the Akasha, and are brought back to experience your memorial, and how people in your life are remembering and honoring you, you also receive flashbacks and how you were connected. How your life, and the life of the people who are mourning and remembering you, are tied together within the vibration of the Akasha.

Who is to determine which is more sacred? Which one of us would make that decision for another? In truth the similarity of these sacred ceremonies should remind us, life events happen in many ways. Those are days we openly try to be our best. What is less known, is how our everyday life and the actions we take, are equally important in the sacred review of our soul.

So when you go through your day, strive to bring the best of you into the interactions you have with others. Make the choice to show to yourself, you are worthy of the respect you hope to bring out from others. Regardless of how another feels about you, or views your actions, remember you are the one working through this life. You are responsible for the energy and love you bring into this world, and share with yourself and others.

If you do your best, honestly and with the expectation of being of service to God and to the people you interact with, you can be assured the entry to the Akasha will be open to you with love, grace and compassion.

If you know you have created situations and made decisions that have impacted others in a negative way, do not dwell on that and allow that to be the excuse that your life isn’t of value, and therefor there is no reason to strive to do better. Know this, every day is a new beginning. A new day to bring your best into the world.

No matter where you are in your life, you can chose to make a positive impact on the world today. And today you are important to the growth of knowledge I call the Akasha. You are loved by God and the many light beings that are always around you.

So make today the day you dwell on and you will be fulfilling your commitment to your soul on why you came into this incarnation. Life is as easy and simple as this.

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