Take a leap of faith and create your dreams!!!

In a few days we will experience that rare date, February 29th. I am not too clear on how the year was split up that required an extra day every fourth year and the powers that be picked February as the month to make the shortest. I am clear though, this weekend is special. Monday is Leap Day. The day that only comes once in four years! This is a perfect weekend to do something different. Just one small thing different than your normal weekend routine can have a positive impact on your ability to create and manifest your life goals.

I suggest you take some time during the weekend or on Monday, and think about what it was you wanted to do, be, or create when you were younger. Before you were sidetracked by life and the limits created by the choices and commitments you had made.

Take some time to remember, what did you want to do in life? What type of impact did you want to make on the world? What interested you the most about the future? Take a moment to feel and image being excited by the ideas you had for the future.

After you have given yourself some time for reflection, take one thing from your feelings, thoughts, memories, and make the commitment to have more of that in your life each day. Create more of that feeling; the desire, passion for the future and for what you will create and experience.

Then, ask your angels and the many beautiful beings of light that are here to help assist you in your life, ask them for help and clear guidance as you move through your day. Stay aware of what comes into the day that appears to answer you. I know, they are listening.

Your part in this creation process is to know what you desire, set your intention, and then ask for guidance. As the day unfolds, take steps that would move you forward towards creating that image of life you hold. Watch and listen for clues.

Then check back every now and then to what you wanted to create and if you need help making adjusts to the process, give me a call. Creating a balanced life, while learning how to work with your angels is my speciality. If you need help, call me. I would love to help you.

For now, know many angel blessings are being shared with you.


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