Spiritual Teacher, Healer for Source

I am a spiritual teacher and channel, a light worker for source. I operate primarily from a sense of connection to Source and my Soul. I have spent many years and used many titles to describe myself and the way I view the world around me. My intention is to be understood by others. I want to fit into a world that at times feels very foreign to me.

I learned as a young child to hid my connection to source and my ability to tune into a world that was primarily unseen and unknown by my friends and my family. The world of spirit. The place where your soul resides between incarnations. Where the divine angelic beings reside. The world of the Akasha.

A Child Mystic

As a young girl I scared many people. I knew things that I shouldn’t know. I knew what challenges people  faced. I knew how they felt. I offered advice on how to resolve issues no one shared but did exist. I shared information without thought or true knowledge. I was born a trance channel.

When asked where I heard or learned about this information I didn’t know other than my friends had shared the information with me. These friends came to me and helped me heal and learn about the afterlife, the life of spirit. But because they were invisible and unknown to others, I was eventually diagnosed as psychotic but not harmful to others.

I haven’t always used my connection or ability to channel. I consciously turned it off when I was 10. My mother had been murdered and I was overwhelmed by the dark energies that surrounded me. All I wanted to do was hide so the darkness could not find me or my family.

Time to Wake Up!

I spent many, many years successfully hiding or so I thought until the time came for me to wake up. I started to consciously call back the energy and my unseen friends to help me heal my body when I was diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease and told I was too sick for surgery.

I am happy to report they did help me heal and they are with me when I need guidance or I want to receive guidance for others as a spiritual minister. I call these beings my Council of Light.
Learn more about these beings here. 

For my work as a spiritual minister, it was important that my connection to source be clear.  To help others learn how to connect, communicate, and create with source I needed to be able to heal on a soul level. To create that level of connection in order to teach how it is done. It was important to learn how to consciously connect to source, move my thoughts and opinions out of the way and allow source and the council to speak through me using either my voice or my hands as I speak or write these communications.


Sharing my Truth as A Teacher of Akashic Wisdom & Divine Healing

I work with the unseen friends from my childhood, my Council of Light, as a teacher and channel for Source, a healer for the soul. We mentor and teach how to connect to source and ignite your spiritual ability to channel wisdom and guidance yourself.

While I am always aware of the darkness that is the opposite vibration of the light I channel, I am no longer fearful of this vibration or this energy force.

I know within my heart and mind I am protected by the light vibration of source and I have nothing to fear. It is with love that I have chosen to open up and publicly speak on the subject of energy, vibration, love, light and of course the darkness and shadows.

So as I continue on this path of transformation we call Life on Earth, I will write more on these subjects. I hope you join me and my Council of Light as we share information that will help everyone ascend and expand our conscious understanding of who we really are, spiritual beings of light, and become light workers for Source.

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  1. So happy & proud for you Maggie. Keep sharing your wonderful insights with us. We are so blessed you are willing to share & teach us. I look forward to reading your blog.

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