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Council of Light - Maggie ChulaEveryone has a Council of Light. Your Council of Light includes your Guardian Angel and many other high vibrational beings. These beings are waiting to help you manifest your heart’s desire. However in order for them to help you, they need your permission. Why? Because we are in control of what we create within our lives. It is our free will to chose our life style, habits, beliefs, friends.

Our free will comes with a responsibility to our Soul. It is our Soul’s intention each lifetime will expand our knowledge of how to love and create. We learn how to love and create through our life experiences and the choices we make.

Share your intentions and your choices with your Council of Light or your Guardian Angel. Let them know each day their help is greatly appreciated. You will discover their help is always available to you. Make the commitment to work with them every day for a minimum of one month and you will notice your life is changing and so is your focus on what you want to create within your life.

It can take practice to understand how they are helping you. After you have focused your energy and asked for help from your Council of Light, you will be presented with more opportunities in alignment with your stated desires. You will be better prepared for challenges that surface. You will feel more confident in the choices you make. You will feel supported and better able to stay in alignment with what is for your greatest good.

Sharing your intentions does not require you learn special words or say a certain prayer.

Here are the steps:

  1. Focus your thoughts on what you want to create and experience.
  2. Share with your Divine Council your desire for their help.
  3. Expect them to hear you and respond with help and guidance.

Your responsibility then becomes to stay open to the prompts, and thoughts that come to you. Stay open and allow the blessings from the Universe to be shared with you.

2 thoughts on “Simple Tool for Manifesting #9: Ask your Council of Light for help”

  1. Love this. I think the closing paragraph was my favorite I’ve been on this same journey. I call myself a recovering Perfectionist. Your post has validated my journey and given me permission to keep striving even if I will not reach perfection.

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