thoughtsYour thoughts are very powerful. Everything you tell yourself becomes a part of your Akashic vibrational record. Here are some simple steps you can use to help you easily recognize thoughts you are having that are holding you back from attaining the best for yourself.

Step 1: Make a conscious decision to listen to the chatter within your head for one day. Say to yourself, just for today I will listen to what I am sharing with myself and write down what I hear.

Step 2: Make note of each disempowering thought you encounter. Write down anything that makes you feel put down or shut down by your thought or action.

Step 3: Look at the disempowering thoughts. What are you telling yourself? Then look and decide what would you like to share with your mind instead? Reframe the thought in a positive light.

Example: I am so slow, I will never get this done today.

Reframe: I am working at a pace that ensures I give my best effort of time and thought into this project. I will turn in what I complete today and know I did my best.

Example: I always attract issues and problems. The world hates me.

Reframe: I am able to easily solve and resolve any issues and problems I encounter in my life. I know I am up to the task of being in control of my life.

Step 4: Do this at least once a month to catch new disempowering thoughts.

Start to pay attention to the words you are sharing with yourself and others. Re-member thoughts are energy. What you spend your time and energy thinking about is what you are creating within your world. To create empowering changes within your life, change what you focus your mind on.

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