Give thanks for your connection to the divine grace of God.

Remember when you breathe in, you are breathing in the light of the universe.

Allow yourself to feel the vibration of your divine soul’s connection to God.

Feel the heart of the earth surround you.

Know you are loved. You are not an accident. God is ever present in your life.

Know you have a power within you that is so great that it can handle anything that comes into your life.

You have the ability to help the people in your life feel comfort, support, and love.

Use this knowledge to empower women, let them know you support them.

Help the men in your life know we love them.

We are all one within the universal source of God.

Share your desire for balanced energy in the world through your actions and choices.

Be grateful for another day to be.

You are a divine spark of light.

You will know this when you take your last breath of life and return to  your soul’s vibration.

Share blessings of light and love throughout your life.

Thank you for being a part of the goodness and light with the earth.

Blessings of light and love to you!

Excerpt From: Maggie Chula. “Open the Doorway to Your Soul.”

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