The masters of light


Hello!  My name is Reverend Margaret Chula. I choose to be known as Maggie Chula and this is my blog. 

On June 9, 2015 I self published a book, Open the Doorway to Your Soul.
As such I have not made any money off of this book and have actually lost money even though it has been 4 years. I have a website where you can purchase the book or just read many of the Masters messages for free.
I am not asking for a response I am just being clear. BUT I have decided it is time to take these messages and share them in person.
I have been studying this wisdom for more than 4 years, because the wisdom was channeled through me. When I channel in a trance state I can feel the vibrational healing and have a sense of what is happening but do not know the actual words. This is true.
What I have realized is the more I study the chapters or lessons or healing messages depending on how you would phrase this is:
1. I do talk and think like the masters
2. Yes I was reluctant since I was not raised in a church and the masters are known too many religions.
3. I have nothing to fear nor do you.
The masters share we are all one in the source vibration of the Akasha, sometimes the source vibration of God, and they have also shared the oneness.
I did hire an editor and a very well respected self publishing house. It was all confusing and I was very nervous. I didn’t realize some of the information was not clear to the editor and some small, subtle changes were made to the masters original words.  


Here is my story today.

I am so proud I did publish this. Yes I will be able to share these messages as myself – ie not a trance channel.
I understand fear is everywhere and has always been but the difference to me is we are so frightened of everything that I am scary to you because I am different.
Yet,  if   you read the words, listen to the messages, hear the vibrations of love and light that radiate from my voice,I am hopeful you too will find comfort from the words of the masters.
One more thing.  I am fully aware of what I am saying. I am not fearful, anxious, or afraid. 


I send you blessings of love, light, comfort. 


Maggie Chula, Facilitator of Spiritually Infused Healing


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