So glad you found your way here. 

If you are a lightworker or awakening soul, I know I can help you find the answers you seek because I know there is more to life than just existing, much more. 

I am here to teach lightworkers and awakening souls how to connect, communicate, and create life in partnership with Source. I want to help bring their unique light skills into the world.

Do you long to communicate with your soul?

Would you like to talk with your source, your soul?  Do you need help interpreting crazy dreams, irrational fears or phobias? Do you have thoughts that keep you up at night? 

Receive healing help from your Soul

I will guide and support you to : 

  • Create an intimate connection to your soul vibration
  • Learn how to channel divine health and wisdom. 
  • Expand your light connection to Source, the akashic vibration of the Universe. 
  • Communicate and create with this divine presence and bring heaven to earth today. 
  • Become inspired to allow hope in your heart. 
  • Wake up with a desire to share your lightworker skills with the universe. 
  • Spread your sense of wellbeing to others and lighten the world around you. 

It can be tough to stay positive and on track with life. It’s nice to receive support along the way. I am here to encourage & inspire you to live life on your terms.

I know you can move forward in life inspired to begin each day anew with love and passion in your heart. Let me show you how.

Book a session with me now! Give yourself the gift of understanding. 

I hope you find something interesting and uplifting within my writing and free course work to help you embrace your lightworker skills and partnership with Source as you connect to the the wisdom of your soul today and everyday!  

I look forward to helping you grow as a lightworker or awakening soul during these transformational times.


Healing created for Broken Angels

Love you!!! Thank you for seeing me last night – I now feel hope and a renewed sense of purpose. I was rather tired and bored before! You are an angel sent here to help those of us who work with the general population – you are here to ‘heal the broken angel’! Love you!


I invite you to look though my collection of free messages and healing meditations. Come start the next phase of your spiritual growth today! 

Blessings of love and light as you learn to access your sacred channel of wisdom. I know as you heal your soul connection to Source you add to the healing vibration pathway for all lightworkers and awakening souls.  

Mother Earth and I thank you for caring.

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