Channeling the wisdom of the Akasha.
Channeling the wisdom of the Akasha.

Healing visions help your body heal

Do you take much time to think about the future and wonder what it will look like? Are you constantly looking for what can go wrong? Well, I know there have been many times in my life when tomorrow held a very bleak outlook. I had trouble finding anything to feel happy, or positive about. The idea of being thankful was tough but I knew somehow, important for my healing. As long as I can remember, I was always healing for I had been born crippled with a weak immunity system.

But I did have an amazing blessing from birth to offset my limits. You see, I was blessed to know angels exist. Blessed to know these amazing beings were with me, supporting me, encouraging me to take another step forward. Forward and away from pain, anxiety and depression. My pain was both mental and physcial, and very real. It manifested in an assortment  of illness, disease, and mental functioning.

My troubled mind started to wonder, am I a witch? Am I crazy? Or could I be experiencing miracles to some, but natural healing abilities according to my angelic friends?

Healing with the Akashic Masters

My journey towards becoming a Spiritual Teacher and Healer for the Soul began when I was born. I learned how to heal parts of my body and aspects of my mind. In addition I strengthened my belief that we each have a soul, and our soul has a plan for this life.

Learning how to heal my physical body was easy compared to healing my mind.  Illness in the mind is harder to diagnose. Issues in your thoughts and beliefs are tough to find yet alone admit to.

For me it all came to a cataclysmic point, when my body just stopped functioning and finally almost shut completely down. I was at the end of the road according to western medical professionals, and I needed to go home. The doctors wanted me to go home, get better, and come back for a life saving surgery I would not survive in my current state.

Talk about a downer! I wasn’t even mentally able to process all of this. But something inside me screamed, “No. Not this time. I can heal and I will. I am not leaving my children, not yet!” Some force, whom I now credit as Archangel Raphael, helped me record a guided visualization to heal my digestive system. This audio helped me rebuild my physical body to be strong, healthly, and flowing with well-being. I was healed on a level  which far surpassed anything I had experienced before.

Healing with guided visualization

The channeled vibrational healing was 30 mins long exactly. I listened to it every morning and sometimes every afternoon too! After one month, I returned to get rechecked, and my doctors were amazed. I was well enough to handle the surgical procedure, and they wanted to schedule the surgery in two weeks.

But something had happened to me. I realized, I was really much better. I felt better than I had felt in years. Decades really. Maybe my entire life! I didn’t want to schedule a surgery and be cut open. Back in those days, the doctor shared I would need to have another follow up surgery within a couple years. I couldn’t envision that as a future for me. I just couldn’t buy into that as something I wanted to do.

By then I was already use to being different. So why shouldn’t my healing continue down a different road too. A different path than “normal”, what ever that is.

I have followed my path of healing as it has unfolded for me and I know you have a path of healing also. I am here to help you connect to your soul wisdom. I can also help you create a plan of action with simple steps to take to help and support you in your healing journey.

Healing help for you! 

If you are interested in learning more about your healing journey, and would like someone to help you listen to your soul wisdom, I urge you to book a session with me.

You can do that here. 

Or you might be interested in listening to the same guided visualization that helped me heal my digestive system.

You will find that here. 

You will find more information about the many services I provide here. 

Whatever you decide, please know you are always supported by the light and love of God. You can create health and wellbeing in your life. I know you can because I have done it myself.

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