Goddess activation with Mother Mary and Archangel Raphael will help you heal your vibrational channel of light.

Something amazing is happening all around us. The vibrational energies of the Master Teachers of the Akasha are helping to lift us up into a new level of light and love. Lift us up to embrace and embody more and more light.

This morning I was awoken by a being who called herself Cinders. She shared she is the embodiment of the flame of creation, the flame of transmutation. The flame of transmutation is one of the master tools within the Akashic Vibration.

Cinders worked on my body and shared she was continuing a goddess  activation that started in February during the full moon. She wanted me to be prepared as I continue to work with and channel the Akashic Vibration Process for 2016.

I was aware yesterday this course work has shifted completely into one of embracing and understanding the spiritual teachers of our emotions.

I heard it is time to let the mind take a rest from being the leader of this ascension into the higher realms of vibration. It is time to embrace emotions and heal our emotional bodies. This is what a goddess activation can do. Yet, I was unprepared for this all encompassing being to be with me for almost 2 hours in Earth time. When I fully woke up from this vibrational adjustment, I was greeted with a video I commissioned from a channel I had made the day of the last full moon.

I love synchronistic events. That is one way my Council of Light shares they are with me.

The channel includes the Earth Goddesses from the past. They welcomed the Divine Mother Mary and her partner Archangel Raphael as healing partners to help in this ascension. They shared a goddess activation and vibrational healing that will prepare you for initiation into the Akashic Vibration. Together they create an expanded new pathway for your channel of light to reach your conscious mind. 

Gaia, Mother Earth also welcomes you and shares with you an animal totem.

Though their channeled messages are shorter than when we started, they are packed with more healing on many levels of time and space. I now realize through my work within the Akashic Vibration, I have been able to heal old wounds from this life and ancient wounds from my past lives here on Earth. As I heal I feel a greater connection to the Goddess vibration, the Universal Source vibration, and to my Soul vibration.

I invite you to watch the video, listen to their message and create your own activation.

If you are experiencing blocks or issues in your ability to channel your soul wisdom, I invite you to join me and learn more about yourself and your soul vibration through the class work located with the books, audios, and classes of the Akashic Vibration.

Ask yourself, does this message resonate within your being? If so, I am here as a guide, teacher and channel of light. I know you have a Council of Light. I am pleased I can see them and understand them. I welcome you to join us and learn the language of your soul so you too can know you are a being of light and love. Connected to the Universal Source of God. Just as we all are.

Join me, open the portal to the Akasha. Open the Doorway to Your Soul and embrace the magnificence that is your birthright.

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